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The Importance of a Good Design for Website and Mobile Apps

As the technology industry is developing from one day to another, so are the customers expectations about it. Back in time, when the internet just made its first steps in this world, there was enough to have a web page or an app that works properly and the customers were satisfied with it. Nowadays, it is not like that anymore. Because of the abundance of web pages and apps that are being created everyday, customers became more critical when it comes to the design of the page. This is a good thing that makes us develop more and more in order to fulfill the market’s needs.

The importance of a good web design

As the saying goes “first impression matters”, it also applies in the online presence of a company. The website of a company represents its brand’s image and it is important to have a great design to it, in order to make your customers become curious about your page. Studies show that it takes less than 0.05 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a website.

The reflection of your brand is represented by your website. Knowing this you have to be very careful when you are choosing the important elements of creating your web site, like images, fonts, design elements or colors in order to offer a great web design to your page and a satisfying first impression that will make your customers curious about your webpage.


Choosing the right colors from the beginning represents a very important first step in creating an impressive webpage. Colors have a great impact on people, and choosing the right ones for sure will offer you better results. If you are interested in choosing the right colors for your website or app, you can check this article in order to get a better understanding about colors association, and their impact on people.

Choosing the right typography and fonts

When we are talking about fonts and typography you need to have in mind the idea of simplicity. The more simple and easy to read your text will be the more impact it will have on your customers. But, keep in mind that the font you choose should represent your business personality.

Importance of a simple layout

The simpler your layout will be the better results you will have. In order to get your best results it is important that your web page is designed in order to drag your audience’s attention to the most important things from your webpage, like your products, your services, your articles and so on. Taking this into consideration, try to make your page as simple as possible in order to get the most out of it, offering your customers a pleasure searching on it.

Easy navigation on the site

Another important factor that should be taken into consideration in order to get good traffic on your website depends on how easy the user can navigate it. You have to keep in mind that your website should be useful and easy to use by its users in order to make sure they will come back. The user’s experience on the website is one of the most important factors. A better user experience leads to a larger number of conversions.

Importance of a good design in mobile apps

When we are talking about mobile apps design we can find lots of similarities with the factors that lead to conversions on webpages, but there are other factors that we should pay attention to, in order to get the most out of it.

The mobile app design is not only about images color and layout, of course that those are also very important, but when we are talking about mobile apps the user experience is the most important thing that we should focus on in order to obtain a larger number of conversions. The more helpful and simply to use the app is the more chances are that the customer will keep using it. The same process works for mobile game apps. Making the games interface more user friendly will help you obtain more downloads, as an example you can check the Book of Ra’s game interface, in order to get an idea.


Before, we talked about the importance of having a user friendly interface, but how do you know that our app offers a good user experience?

The best way to develop an app in order to make it as easy to use as possible is to rely on feedback. Discussing your ideas with others and asking for their opinion about your app will help you get your answers in order to improve it and make it better and better.

Also, if your app is already launched, check the customer’s feedback because those are the ones that will help you develop it faster and better. The worst feedbacks are usually the best, so don’t get angry and use them in order to get the best results for your customers.


To sum up, we can say that nowadays, the design of your website or of your mobile app represents a very important factor that you should pay close attention to. So, from now on you will know which are the most important steps that you need to direct your attention to in order to offer the best user experience to your customers, which ultimately will translate into conversions

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