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Best Professional Website Builders

Do-It-Yourself website builders have come a long way morphing from primitive drag'n'drop site construction kits for newbies into feature-rich web publishing platforms offering advanced feature sets, jaw-dropping templates, mobile editors and other goodies. Online website builders compete with WordPress and other popular content management systems, gaining more and more customers. Wix alone powers more than 47 million websites worldwide!

Today we're talking about professional website builders that work both for aspiring webmasters and seasoned designers. Behind their easy-to-use interfaces there are powerful algorithms allowing you to see every change you make in the WYSIWYG editing mode. There is no need to download installations or plugins-the platforms contain everything you need to design and publish the website of your dreams, from widgets and font creators to mobile-only features.

1. MotoCMS

motocmsMotoCMS is one of the most feature-rich website builders. Whether you're a photographer, freelance model, designer or small business owner, MotoCMS will help you get your website published in a fast, easy and professional manner. The platform offers over 2,000 ready templates to choose from. These templates are almost ready sites. All you need is to pick one, upload it to the server, customize it and click the Publish button. If you opt for their free trial you can start customizing your site right after following the confirmation link.

Features. Each MotoCMS theme is equipped with an easy-to-use What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get admin panel containing various handy widgets: contact forms, galleries, buttons, maps, menus etc. Once you have purchased the chosen template ($139), there will be no monthly fees in the future, except for your website hosting (you can use any web host).

2. Webydo

webydoWebydo is a professional web publishing platform for designers. It's like Photoshop on steroids. Its sophisticated code generator automatically converts everything you draw in their Design Management System into a valid code. This mechanism helps designers create more beautiful websites for their clients per unit of time.

Features. Webydo is geared for freelance designers and web design studios, so it's no surprise that it offers excellent designer-client collaboration solutions, as well as as project management tools. Webydo has a free plan, so you can try it out personally anytime.

3. Squarespace

squarespaceSquarespace is one of the pioneer website builders. Being a design-focused publishing system, It offers some of the most beautiful templates in the market. It is also known for its impressive suite of iOS applications allowing Squarespace users to post entries and edit their sites on the go. Squarespace allows to set different access levels for multiple contributors including Administrator, Content Editor, Comment Moderator, Trusted Commenter, Store Manager etc.

Features. Squarespace offers excellent import/export solutions, its own eCommerce platform and full freedom of customization. Each Squarespace theme is mobile-ready from the start. If you're handy with codes, you may apply custom CSS through their built-in custom CSS editor. Their Developer platform gives creative professionals full control over their sites' source code. All projects remain free while in development (for Developer platform users). For non-tech-savvy users there are three common plans: Personal, Professional and Business.

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