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Basic structure of HTML documents

Same like humans, HTML and XHTML documents have a head and a body. The head of the document contains basic information (an overview) on what’s actually on that page: the title, meta information, styles, javascript declarations and more. The body is meant for the content displaying in the browser window. Below is a scheme of the basic structure of HTML documents.


As you can see, the document is stored inside the root element <html> </html>. Inside the root tags are organized all other tags. Below the <html> tag you can see the <head> which, as previously said, is the title and meta data declaration part.

Below the closing </head> comes the <body>. This is what visitors are showed when accessing the live webpage. They get the output of the interpretation of HTML code by the browser.

Finally the document ends with a closing </body></html> tags.

All in all, building and organizing data in a HTML page is not as difficult as it seems at the first sight.

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