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Web Design Trends to Make Your Business Succeed

Web Design Trends That Can Help Make Your Business SucceedThis year has brought to the fore more in the realm of business access via the web than ever before. Consumers are increasingly more connected to the internet and demanding more accessibility from their favorite brands so that browsing on the go isn't just a last minute option, but an everyday occurrence. From smart phones to internet cafes, the ways to look up products and research companies are expanding at an alarming rate and it's better to keep up than be left in the dust.

Companies that can't or don't provide customers with a pleasing experience on the internet are losing out as consumers demand more from the World Wide Web every day. Here are a few of this year's top movements in the world of website design and how to use them to draw in consumers and increase your success.

Accessible On Every Screen

Tablets, smart phones, laptops, televisions and desktop computers; the number of devices that the average consumer has access to is growing every year. Smartphones possess more computing power than the average computer and laptops are getting smaller. Televisions are getting smarter and people are depending on them for everything from streaming their favorite shows to online shopping. It's no wonder the importance of having a website designed to handle the various screen sizes, shapes and resolutions is growing ever more imperative.

When mobile browsing began to climb in popularity many businesses rushed to capitalize on the craze, shelling out the money to create a second, mobile-friendly website. These sites were usually a pared down version of their actual site, lacking many of the key design elements, pictures and interest that the main site might have had invested in it.

Today, instead of spending budget resources to create a second site that will be something of a disappointment to consumers on the go, businesses are investing in responsive web design for their web presence. This coding allows websites to be viewed at all resolutions, scaling up and down as users change devices without sacrificing the structure that was designed to present company content.

Welcome to the Interactive Internet

A top trend for this year already, and something that started small previously and was hampered by software capabilities and hardware limitations, is the ability for companies to use their websites to tell an interactive, multi-media story the likes of which might be found in a museum or at a large-scale event.

Websites have always offered the ability to integrate content with images and videos to tell a story, but the current trend for truly interactive stories via the Internet, integrating animations, hyperlinks, video, images and image effects has become a tool for crafting a story that draws consumers and visitors in, engages their brains and creates a memorable association to the facts and information you choose to present about your company.

Telling your story will always be a part of creating a memorable brand identity for consumers.

When people are able to relate to your business they are more likely to place their trust in your products, and telling your story is an excellent way to capitalize on that relationship. In an article published on Designhill, designer Campbell Josef reveals that interactive storytelling will rule the roost in 2015. Using your website to create a narrative that consumers can click, view, listen to and analyze while being entertained or captivated is an inexpensive and very impacting way of doing this.

As Large As Life

Art often imitates life and equally often, falls short of experiencing something first hand. Web design is beginning to encroach on this well-known opinion in small ways and larger ones, however. With the introduction of the stunning ‘retina displays' and screens boasting a pixel count so high the naked eye can't discern the individual squares of color at a normal viewing distance, web designers are ramping up the resolution in pictures, videos and animations to take full advantage of the technology.

High Definition is no longer a state of the art offering for only the wealthiest, but comes standard on many devices on the market. With that, the popularity of full page, edge to edge images with captions, text or effects laid right over them has become equally as popular to take advantage. Detail shots and wide panoramas appeal to consumers on different levels and give a website design that extra pop of interest.

A Bright Future

Accessibility will never be a bad thing for companies both big and small. Consumers must have access to products in order to make purchases and experience the work you put into your brands. Via the internet, accessibility has reached a whole new level of attainability. Companies that capitalize on the newest trends and tricks to increase web traffic and consumer interest will see quick returns in sales and consumer feedback, allowing them to step up on the market stage. Design now to give your customers something to talk about and maybe you'll be the next trending topic on the World Wide Web.

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