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Top Mistakes to Avoid while Designing a Website

good-web-designAny time you can spruce up your website. Whether it needs to be overhauled or tidying up, the site you are creating will benefit from the thorough inspection. However, when it comes to designing their websites, even experts the field end up committing mistakes that wreak havoc on the promotion of their sites. Let that not be the case with you. Instead, learn to avoid the mistakes web designers often end up with.

Mistake Number 1: Excess animations and visual clutter

Instead of trying to sell to the customer they try to "dazzle" them. All the new business owners always want their sites to be attractive and eye-catching as much as possible. They think its easy to capture their visitor's attention by excess animation effects and flashy graphics. It may be true. but usually these special effects sometimes distract the visitors from their ultimate focus on the product value.

Eye-candy should never be confused with the content. The main purpose of your site should be supported by graphics only. The purpose is to get people buy what you will sell. You may also want to impress people by technical way, may be by including numerous links and banners on the site, but excess visual clutters look unprofessional. This can also ruin your credibility. Anything that will distract the visitors is guaranteed to lose your sales. If any graphic is not directly related to your service or product it should be removed from your site.

Many studies have shown that most of the first time visitors usually spend only ten seconds before they decide it offers any value for them or not. You do not want to waste the precious seconds with the distracting animation.

Mistake Number 2: Building large websites

People make multipage , massive sites. These sites take a long time to load. This is another mistake. When it comes to web design "The more, The better "policy should be avoided.

Studies prove that almost 30-60% of the visitors miss each click that they will take. If you want your site to reach the true profit plan then it has to be as streamlined.

Try to decrease the number of pages if possible if you want to enhance your site. You can also include in your homepage if you are selling 10 or less products. If it is not possible to feature all the products on the homepage then you can group them in categories. Now you can display the category of products on the page. So it's not necessary to include each product in a separate page.

If it is possible you can also decrease the number of files on the web page that you are creating. If the page has more file then it takes longer time to load. If the graphic files are large then it also takes longer time to load. To grab attention of the visitors you can also use coloured text instead to graphics.

You can grab people's attention within 10 seconds. If it takes longer time for the visitors to load the page they will be least interested to find out more about the product.

Mistake number 3: Confusing navigation bars

Some designers create different and new ways to navigate through multipage sites to show off their skills. Sometimes they hide the entire link beneath images or icons. Then the users have to mouse over the graphics to find the link. It does not help the users to find out what they want.

Sometimes the designers change their change the position and the look of the navigation bar. It can be confusing. Navigation bar should be easily understandable to all.

Mistake number 4: Essential information buried deep within the site

Actually net surfers are impatient. They won't spend much time to find out what they are searching on the site. According to some research huge web sells are lost as the site visitors cannot find what they want.

If important information are buried too deep into your site then you are losing your sales.

A perfect website resembles a newspaper story. The important information about the benefits of the things that you are selling is what visitors see. It must be short and precise so that it will attract them.

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