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Simple Alternatives to WordPress and Joomla for Beginners

More than two billion people use the Internet all over the world, and they need some way to make browsing simple and fun. This is where great and user-friendly software and easy to use content-management systems come in which help to develop websites and blogs – whether personal or for their business – with ease so that those using them can support them without hampering their progress.

For a business, the best place to advertise is the web. For this, it is necessary for the business to have a good presence in such a way that people actually visit the website.

To develop a website for a business means you need to mix the right ingredients so that the website is easy to use by the users – which increases more and more traffic. This can be achieved if you have the proper platform to work on. The website needs a base on which to build, and this base needs to be as hassle free so that no hiccups come in the way.

According to reviews, the most popular content management systems (CMS) the large numbers of people use are WordPress and Joomla. The best part of these two CMS is that they are free and designed so that everyone can use them.

There are many advantages of CMS like Wix.com, Joomla and WordPress is that these help the user use them. To elaborate on the advantages to use these is that they are user-friendly; a strong developer community; has a strong content management capabilities; multiple authors; strong SEO capability and easy customization.

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While the WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content-management system’ and it is a user friendly blog system, while Joomla is a free and open-source content management framework allowing one to make websites and mobile sites’ and is useful if the user wants to create a community or build a network with others but it also gives the user a chance to control the content posted.

As for Wix.com it is a cloud-based web development platform which helps to make websites and mobile sites.

The new CMS – BizClout.com offers newly developed software to help users create their new websites. The best part of this is that the user does not have to worry about the technicalities involved to create a website that one encounters while using other CMSs like WordPress, Wix.com and Joomla.

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A large number of experts swear by WordPress and consider it to be the most popular and oldest CMS as compared to others. However, others think Joomla and Wix.com are user friendly and also Google friendly, making it easy for the user to customize to ones needs.

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An efficient solution to building a good website is to employ someone like BizClout.com that allows you to focus on the business and leave the IT technicalities to be dealt by experts and who will resolve all your problems, so that your full attention is on preparing interesting and attractive web content to appeal to the users.

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