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Reasons To Use WordPress

wordpress-logoBuilding and managing a website has become more and more accessible, easier to do, and more efficient over the last ten years in large part because of the WordPress platform. Originally designed a blogging software, WordPress has fast become one of the most widely used content management systems for businesses and blogs alike. In some ways WordPress has relaxed the stranglehold web designers and, to some degree, developers have had over the once exclusive domain of having an awesome website.

Great websites are no longer exclusive and the monopoly many in the programming and web design fields enjoyed over custom websites has somewhat dissipated. This doesn't imply that there isn't a place for high end, custom built websites because there is more of an market than ever, but the growing presence of WordPress powered sites has allowed the average blogger or business owner to customize and exercise direct control over their site's look and feel. Here are a few of the top reasons WordPress is such a popular system to run your website.

It's Easy

WordPress is, above all, easy to use. Built with a very intuitive interface, WordPress facilitates adding new pages, blog posts, media, and widgets without requiring extraordinary amounts of time formatting or dealing with code. After a couple weeks of sustained use and becoming familiar with the functions, anyone can successfully manage the content of their website with ease. Since WordPress is browser based, you can log in to your site anywhere with an Internet connection.

Design is Customizable

With hundreds of unique themes to choose from and a thousands more widgets and plugins to customize your site further, WordPress gives you nearly all the control to make your site or brand a unique experience for site visitors. From adding interactive elements like video galleries, social media feeds, or event calendars, WordPress makes it easy to improve the functionality and interaction of your site.

No HTML or FTP Software

WordPress is totally self-contained and this is one reason it is so easy to use. Everything from creating a new page/post, uploading documents, editing images, adding video files, and formatting content can be done without the need for an external HTML software program like Dreamweaver or FTP software like FileZilla.

Search Engine Friendly

These days, the influence of search engine indexing and ranking your website has a huge impact in your site's visibility and importance on the web. WordPress platforms are very search engine friendly with clean, simple code and options to create titles, meta data, tags, and easily link keywords you want your site to show up for in searches. All of these things make your site easy to read and index by search engine crawlers. This means that marketing your site on the web is a little easier.

Built-in Blog and Scalability

Since WordPress began as a blogging platform, all WordPress powered sites come will blogging capabilities that are easy to integrate. From commenting functions to email subscriptions and RSS feeds, everything you need to customize a blog for your site is built-in. WordPress also allows you to easily continue to build upward on your site–letting you add as many pages and posts you want and organizing them however you want. This means that your site can efficiently grow with your business and you can comfortably manage the whole thing.

Ben Vaughn is a contributing writer for brockrestoration.com and personally uses WordPress on a regular basis. He also writes about subjects such as restoring water damaged property and green construction.

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