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Best Free Resources for Developers

If you are a web developer, you know that the field is always undergoing significant changes. To cope with the changes, you must be ready to learn new things. You will lag behind if you are not willing to adapt to changes. In this post, we will show you some useful tools and resources that are relatively new. They will help you not only stay in the market but also thrive as a web developer and designer.

Front Pair

For any web designer, it is essential to choose good typography. Front Pair is a good tool that will help you pair Google Fonts. Using this tool, you can easily pair fonts based on filters: Serif, Sans Serif, cursive etc. Many designers like this tool because it makes the designing process easy and fun.


Pixabay is a highly recommended site where you can find high-quality images for free. In web design, using large hero images is trendy these days. You can easily find them on Pixabay. Yes, there are many websites that offer public domain images. But Pixabay has some great features that make it stand apart. The search feature of this site is very easy to use, and you can find images related to almost any topic database.

The Pattern Library

Before the arrival of large hero images, timetable patterns were trendy. However, many talented web designers are still using timetable patterns very creatively, making visually appealing websites. The site has a library where you can easily find the patterns. For using the patterns, you don’t need to pay. That is part of the reason for the high popularity of this website.


PlaceIMG is another useful tool for your web design projects. This tool allows you to generate custom size images and embed them. Embedding the images is easy. You just need to use a simple URL to specify the category and dimensions of the image. This tool also allows you to specify filters. Numerous talented web designers are using placeIMG with great satisfaction.


Many developers like Kite because these heads up display helps them write code better and faster. This tool is connected to the internet, and text editors are integrated with it. When a programmer types code, he or she does not have to leave the screen. Examples of similar code are revealed by the type inference used by this tool. For now, apart from Kite, there is no other tool that offers a connected way to program.

Flat Shadow Generator

It’s true that flat design is no longer as popular as it was a few years ago, and most web designers show little interest in this design. But many people like it and are still using it even in 2019. If you are a lover of the flat design, there is no doubt that you will like this web tool. Flat Shadow Generator is also very easy to use.


SwatchMatic helps you pick the color of real-life objects. You can build pallets easily and quickly, and pick colors from nature. You can know a color’s name and figure out ways to recreate the value of the color by simply pointing your smartphone’s camera at an object. The tool also gives you five other colors that match your chosen color.

Color Hexa

Color Hexa provides relevant information about colors. You can get a description of any color by simply typing the values of a color in the search field. It also provides you with equivalent value of the color in Binary, Hexadecimal, CMYK, RGB, HSV, HSL, CIE-Lab, CIE-LCH, CIE-Luv, Hunter-Lab, XYZ and xyY. Many web developers regularly use Color Hexa because it is convenient.

Simple Sharing Buttons

Sharing buttons do a lot of good things to your site, but they also have some drawbacks. These buttons are sometimes responsible for slowing your website down. They can also track the activities of your visitors in an unwanted manner. If you have these concerns, Simple Sharing Buttons can reduce your anxiety. This tool can help you create static sharing buttons which are mobile friendly, and which do not require loading up additional JavaScript files.


Feather provides a huge collection of visually appealing open source icons. Designed on a 24×24 grid, each icon is consistent, simple and readable. For some icons in your project, look no further than Feather. Numerous web developers are using Feather with great satisfaction.


For a web developer, the desire to know what powers a website is a natural curiosity. WhatRuns, competitive intelligence and free research tool, is a favorite to many web developers. This tool helps you know about the technologies that run a website. Many salespeople and designers are also regularly using WhatRuns.

Random User Generator

Sometimes, UI names and UI faces do not serve your purpose. In such a case, you can use Random User Generator. Besides providing a random user face and name, this tool will also provide you with a dummy phone number, email, address, birth date and password. As a web developer, you will find this tool really convenient.

Bootstrap 4

The Alpha version of this tool was available some years ago, but the most popular version is the third version. Recently, Bootstrap 4 has been released, and it has gained huge popularity. Developers find this version because it has some new features that are very useful. You can also consider Bootstrap Magic, Bootstrap Buffet and Bootstrap Build.


You can use a few programming languages to create interactive elements, and JavaScript is one of them. But if you use JavaScript, you will have to write lines of code to change the color of something or animate simple image sliders. jQuery, a collection of JavaScript plugins, can make the tasks a lot easier.


When you are working on a few browsers, and you are stressed out, you may worry about losing some ideas or information. Evernote helps you collect notes, including handwritten notes, pictures and screenshots. You can organize the notes in such a way that you can use them from all your devices. A powerful search feature makes it more convenient. You can even search for handwritten words.


As a website designer, sometimes you may want to make tiny changes in a website you come across. You may think that a different font will look better. You can easily do that with the Stylebot browser. Changes to CSS affect the appearance of a website, and Stylebot lets you see how they affect. The tool has a sidebar with basic to advanced CSS options.


When you come across an impressive website with amazing features, you may want to incorporate some of the features into a website you are currently working on. If you do not know how to create those features, this browser extension can help you. Wappalyzer lets you know how those features run, and you can easily use those features in your own projects.


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