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Why Some Mobile Video Games Don’t Turn Out On Android?

Android is a platform wherein you can enjoy games because you have plenty of games. However, though there are several games, when you compare Android with iOS, you will find that there are a few omissions. There are games that are released every delayed or are never released on Android. When you buy an Android device, it means you will get some good games. So, why are some mobile games released on iOS but not an Android? The reasons are discussed below as follows:

iOS versus Android

The first and foremost reason is that Android testing is completely different from iOS testing because of the behavior of the platform (Source: iOS developers have a limited number of devices that they need to think about. There are just limited variations of Apple phones available in the market including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. They use similar internal hardware and therefore, compatibility is hugely assured even when a developer may not test that particular device. A small difference can have huge impacts but the developers can easily track down a problem

As the operating system of an Android device is open-source, a manufacturer can easily produce an Android device. Certain restrictions are imposed on devices having Google Play; however, a manufacturer can make anything that runs on Android. This is the reason why there are multiple Android devices with different graphics chips, processor architectures, RAM, and others. It means that advanced programs including games may not run appropriately on all Android devices. According to research done by Microsoft India (available, locating devices having issues is a difficult job as there may be just a single device having that hardware configuration.

Android phones are cheaper. Android developers have many devices and large developers can spend money and test the games. Many independent Android developers are there and they may not find it worth to develop more games.

Android devices cost less

Another major issue is that the Android device may not be a good option from the financial perspective. Android users bring in less amount of money compared to iOS users. According to the technology experts, Android users spend almost half the amount on the apps and therefore, average revenue of a user on Android device is almost a quarter of what you spend on iOS. Again, Android tablets and phones are cheaper compared to iOS devices.

Any person who is spending fewer amounts compared to its flagship hardware will not spend a lot of money on games. This happens with paid games. Many games have made less money on an Android device. This is the explanation for the developers of paid games. Releasing on Android is not worth for them. It is worth for free play developers as you become capable of making money from non-paid users through advertisements, specifically the video ads.

There is one option for premium game developers; users may pay. As per evidence, users do not pay. Additionally, it is an overrated factor. Android is an easier option where you can pirate games in comparison to iOS.

The good news is that though there are difficulties for Android gamers, there are many people having these devices. As there are many users, you can release on Android. It offers benefits; developers may release the primary games on this platform, however, this cannot happen on iOS.

Games, which should be tweaked and updated, can be done easily on Android. The updates usually do not go through a very lengthy process like an iOS App store. Cross-platform technologies make development for various platforms very easy and you can get many incompatibilities at an in-depth technical level.

According toprediksi hk, iPhone is very good as far as mobile games are concerned. Android is common to all companies and therefore, it depends on mobile devices that you are using. With the iPhone, a lot of time is given by the developers to develop games. This keeps away iPhones from performance issues, lags that are relevant in many Android devices.


iOS devices do not require a huge amount of RAM because it can keep many apps loaded with 2GB. The resolution of many models can be low but the pixel density is more than adequate. Less resolution indicates less GPU and lesser drainage of battery.

As Apple phones have extraordinary operating system optimization, the CPUs of Apple phones have been outperforming consistently this competition for quite a long time. Due to this reason, even the old-generation iPhones are performing better and beating the new Android phones that are available in the market these days.

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