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Tutorial: How to Install Flash Player on an Android Device

As we know, Flash Player is a software required to watch internet videos, listen to music online or play browser-based games. Although Flash Player is no longer popular as it used to be in the past (mainly because of other modern alternatives such HTML 5 or Java), is still has a good representation with web browsers or specialised apps.

When it comes to mobile devices, Flash Player is a feature that is no longer supported by Google, therefore it has never been supported by other platforms such as Apple. However, Android users have an alternative. They can manually install the software from the Adobe website. This article provides and insight on the steps required for installation of Adobe Flash Player on your Android device.

1. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet (recommended via WIFI).

2. Go to Settings

3. Select Security (on newer versions) or Applications (older versions).

4. Allow software installations from Unknown sources.


5. Hit OK and close the Settings window.

6. Launch your preferred browser and navigate to

7. On the Adobe Archive page above, choose Flash Player for Android archives.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 01.51.59

8. Find the Flash Player version that is compatible with your Android version (scroll down that page).

9. Download the .apk.

10. Wait for the download to complete and close the browser window.

11. Open the notifications menu and tap to Install the Flash Player .apk you have just downloaded.


12. Confirm that you allow the software to have access to different settings of your device and finally hit Done.

Now the Flash player should be installed on your device and you can start enjoy watching your favorite videos, movies, TV programs or play browser-based games.

Tip: Learn how to install Adobe Flash Player on Windows-based computers and download it at

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