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How To Protect Your IPhone Screen

Iphone-screen-protectorAn iPhone is designed to be a smartphone of class and style. Sometimes, adding a case to it makes it lose all the sleek design, leaving it bulky and quite undesirable. You can still use the iPhone and protect it from damage without necessarily having to use a case. If you cram the device in a bag or a pocket without caring if it is going to be next to paper clips, keys or any other semi-sharp objects you carry around, you need to find ways to protect its screen. Here are sure ways of doing it.

1. Buy a Screen Protector
A screen protector for your iPhone is a cover for the screen that prevents dirt and semi-sharp objects from getting into direct contact with your iPhone’s screen. When you don't want to use smartphone cases because of the hassle, try some of the best screen shields for your iPhone.
ClearPlex Screen Protector is a cheap yet high quality screen protector that is designed using the impact-resistant film technology used in protecting windshields on military jeeps and race cars. The protector safeguards the screen from dings and nicks of everyday life retaining the clarity of the screen and keeping off dirt.

ClearPlex Screen Protector

Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector for iPhones is yet another top notch cover for the screen to try. It is designed to protect the screen of the iPhone from typical wear and tear. It has a layer of scratch resistant material and another that protects the screen from any kind of puncture. This protector is known for its protection from UV rays. You can find many other brands of shields to protect the screen of the iPhone from damage.

Skinoi TechSkin Screen Protector for iPhone 5.

2. Always Use a Screen Wiping Cloth
Most people end up damaging the screens of their iPhones because they wipe them with just about anything. In no time, the device ends up looking old and worn out. Screen wiping cloths are of high quality and effectively clean the screen of your device without scratching or streaking them.

Wiping cloth for the screen.

3. Keep Your Phone Safely
Leaving your phone on any surface is going to be the major cause for screen damage. Ensure you keep your phone in a safe place to reduce the risk of damaging it. Keep it away when drinking to avoid spilling liquid on it. Also, avoid keeping it on the floor where it will be vulnerable to being stepped on. Just make sure your devise is not in harm’s way.

4. Full Cover Cases
iPhone devices have a wide range of accessories on the market. Local smartphone accessory stores as well as online ones such as GreatShield amongst numerous others stock a wide variety of these iPhone 5 cases. Full cover cases that protect not only the body but also the screen of the iPhone from damages such as scratches and even cracks may be an option to consider especially if the nature of your work poses risk of damage to the iPhone. Therefore, the choice of the cover case is guided by different types of material such as leather, plastic, gel and many more to suit the intended function and taste.

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