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A Review of CUBOT S222 Smartphone

CUBOT S222In today’s ever-growing dependency on social media and those devices catered to social media, especially smart phones which offer high resolution still shots as well as video capturing capabilities, consumers are encouraged not to settle for anything but the best. The CUBOT S222 13 megapixel smart phone offers capabilities not offered by many of the high dollar mega Brands currently on the market.


The CUBOT 5.5" S222 13.0 MP camera combines maximum visual space maximum visual resolution.

If you are lucky you will find that the typical smart phone has a maximum resolution of five megapixels to eight megapixels. CUBOT designers do not feel this was adequate in today’s market. Consumers want a more detailed picture with a higher resolution. Therefore, the 5.5″ CUBOT S222 HD IPS Screen 3G Smartphone Android 4.2 Quad Core device is equipped with a 13.0 MP camera. This high resolution turned the smart phone into a professional grade minicam.

Because social media interaction is greatly dependent upon video and pictorial sharing, the S222 has been designed with an outstanding 16 gigs of ROM. As most pictures do not take up but a few megabytes, and most video streams are far short of thousand megabytes the potential video and pictorial storage on this device is enormous.

The maximized 5.5"display combined with 16 gigs of ROM allow for movie storage and viewing directly on the device

Where it is true the main devices proclaim that they can handle movie files, the reality is the most smart phones can handle a movie file (that being one movie) before the phone shows lagging performance, distortions in the video, or the dreaded freeze and crash of the device's OS system and processor. Unlike the substandard competitors, the 5.5″ CUBOT S222 HD IPS Screen 3G Smartphone Android 4.2 Quad Core 13.0MP Camera device can hold multiple AVI, MOV, MP4, and HD formatted movie files without interfering with the functionality and flow of the smartphone. Because of the IPS LCD screen, a crisper and more detailed viewing experience is provided on the 5.5"display.

A cinematic experience in the palm of your hand

Apart from the 5.5"IPS LCD screen in 16 games of ROM and maximize the viewing experience, the CUBOT S222 offers a sleek and revolutionary design current with today’s modern trends while at the same time pushing both the limits of technology in contemporary design. One would think that the 5.5 inch display would mean a larger cumbersome smart phone. However, this is not the case. The design has just been carefully planned and executed the best user experience. Were competitors will focus a great deal of the front of the phone to placing a large logo which has no specific functionality, the designers of the S222 thought it best to utilize the space in terms of expanding the screen size and capabilities. This decision has yielded a larger and more powerful user interface.

The R angle curves make for a slim body of only 8.2 mm thickness. The length and width of the device is 150.7 mm x 76.5 mm. Clearly, the designers built oriented to provide the user with the largest viewing space right in the palm of their hand.

The two Sim card design ensures that the smart phone has frequency at all times

One the greatest features of the 5.5″ CUBOT S222 is that it comes with two Sim cards and design. The larger card offers 2G and the smaller 3G frequencies. By designing the phone and such a manner both high and low as well as the most common frequencies used by smart phones can be obtained. This maximizes your area of usage enabling you to easily share and receive both photos and video from family and friends. Once received the Quad 1.3 GHz processor will make it easy to view these files without any distortion ,pixelization, or corruption and at a resolution the frequency standard to that of HD televisions and other devices. The 5.5"display is set to have the actual pixel resolution and not just the pixel ratio of HD. Again, because of the dual Sim design sending and receiving such HD content can be done with these.

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