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Home Improvement Apps for Android and iOS

beautiful-living-roomHome improvement is something that comes naturally to a lot of people, but not to them all. If you want to spruce up your home without running into a bunch of problems, then you’re probably wondering what aids are out there for you to use. While there are a lot of online videos, books and other things you can use; did you know that you can also use your phone? There are a lot of home improvement apps that can make your home improvement journey easier than you thought possible!

1. iHandy Level

iHandy Level

This free app is going to come in handy when you’re trying to hang a picture frame straight or lay out painter’s tape without it going at an angle. The app can be used in different directions so you get a straight line no matter what you need to do. By downloading this app you won’t have to purchase a level, and you will be able to do projects without worrying about them not being straight.

2. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D

If you’re lucky enough to be designing your very own home from the ground up, then you might be a little overwhelmed by all the decisions that you have to make. This app actually maps out your home so that you can see what each room is going to look like. You can use this to decide on everything from what flooring you will use to where the doors are going to go. This will really bring your vision to life and can make a big difference with how easy you find it to design your home!

3. Carpet and Floors Calculators

Carpet and Floors Calculators

If you’re putting in new carpet or tile to your home, then cost is something you have to think about. This app calculates the price for you based on what type of material you want and how big the room is. With this aid helping you out you can find the material that works best for your budget so that you don’t spend too much.

4. BEHR ColorSmart

BEHR ColorSmart

If you want to paint the walls inside of your home, then you will find that there are hundreds of different options out there. If you have a hard time envisioning what a certain color will look like, then this app is going to really help you out. It works with pictures that you take so that you can color match, redesign the room with different colors and try out different options to see what they are like.

You can transform your entire home from just your phone without having to actually open up a can of paint! Then when you are ready to paint, you can take the app into your local home improvement stores and purchase the colors that you liked.

5. Home Improvement & Repairs

Home Improvement & Repairs

If you have home projects that you want to do, then this app is going to help out a lot. It’s designed to find you top-rated professionals in your area that can take care of the projects that you need done. They work with professionals that have experience with everything from flooring repairs to pest control. You can even take videos and pictures of your project to make sure you find professionals who can help you out.

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