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What are Best Technologies for Mobile App Development?

GTG35YH5YMobile Application serves and meets our day to day requirements. Developments of compelling mobile applications are challenging and the whole development process involves a specific amount of innovations and use of advanced development tools in the trending Mobile App industry. There is quite a number of high-quality tools designed specifically for multi-platform use. Some of these high quality tools are as mentioned below,

  • Widget Pad: The features source code editing, debugging, collaboration, management, versioning and distribution services makes this tool a “collaborative, open-source environment” for developing smartphone apps. To create apps for the most popular operating systems widget pads offers great options.
  • MoSync: It offers support for several operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian etc. MoSync is based on standard web programing, offering the developer “integrated compliers, libraries, device profiles and other useful tools.”
  • Appcelerator: Through the use of this tool data can be stored in the cloud. This tool helps in the development of native mobile apps in web programming languages. It gives users access to over 300 APIs as well as location information. With this tool one can customize metrics for actions and events.
  • PhoneGap: PhoneGap allows developers to create apps for various devices. The languages used are standard for development process like HTML and JavaScript. As additional features, this tool works with device hardware features as well.
  • RhoMobile: This service comes with Rhodes, which is an open-source framework based on the Ruby programming language. It helps one to create native apps over a range of operating systems and devices. RhoMobile allows you to use code only once for all the operating systems, which it supports and instead apps can be developed for most major smartphones quickly and accurately.

Top Front-end development tools like

  • Accelerator
  • Altova Mobile Together
  • Android
  • Appception
  • iOS software development kit
  • Java ME
  • Mendix

Back-end server’s development tools like

  • Altova Mobile Together Server
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  • API Express
  • IBM MobileFirst Server
  • WebORB Integration Server

The process of Mobile application development is mainly to meet the regular requirements of the users. The process allows the application software to be built for various devices such as mobile phones, enterprise digital assistants, and personal digital assistants.

The verticals of best technologies for Mobile App Development process are

The use of best technologies for the Mobile App Development mainly depends on the below-mentioned reason.

Pupose – The selection of best technologies for Mobile app development process should have the proper purpose for application development. The reason and purpose of application development will be based on the exact requirements for the applications development. The use of technologies in business apps will be different from education or social site. The treatment of technologies for these apps will be different from each other. Most businesses use multi-platform mobile app formatting so as a result, they find solutions to develop cross-formatted apps.

Platform – The use of best and most advanced technologies will be based on the selection of operating system for the mobile app development. For example – if it is iOS application then the language in which the application will be written will be Swift or Objective. On the other hand in Android Applications are developed then the language will Java in which the code of the application will be written. PHP can be used for server-side scripting as well as it is used for coding applications as well.

Device – The technologies in Apple devices, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone are different from each other. Hence the treatment of technologies for the development process will also be different. The technologies that support Apple devices for large user base will not be adaptable in Windows phones. The easy user base enables the Mobile App developers to develop a compelling application for Android but this may differ in Blackberry devices as well.

Timeframe – The timeframe of the application delivery is key area of selecting the technologies for the Mobile Application development process. It the applications are to be developed as Hybrid app then it can be installed on a device like a native app. It runs via a web browser and it hardly takes much time and effort for the app to be delivered to the consumer. These apps are built using a language called HTML5. The Web Applications are also a common option if the developers do not have much time for mobile app development. These types of applications function like a common applicatios but are web based. It takes much less time to be developed.

Choose of Apps – The selection of technologies are based on the type of application Mobile App Developers are deciding to develop. There are native apps for platforms Apple iOS, Google’s Android or Windows Phone. The native platform can be advantageous because it tends to optimize user experience and can operate more quickly and intuitively. Web App can be responsive, adaptive and responsive and traditional web applications. The Hybrid apps that can be installed on devices just like native apps can, but they run through web browsers.

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