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Danish Astronomer Unearths Oldest Photographs of Space

It's great to unearth some long-forgotten keepsake, and it's even better when that find has historical significance. That's exactly what happened to Danish astronomer, Holger Pedersen. Although retired, Pedersen still participates in projects and hence makes regular visits to the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. On a recent visit, […]

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The future Queen and Kings of Europe

If there is anything better than witnessing the royal weddings that thing certainly is witnessing the moments the royals show their babies to the world. In December, the Prince and Princess of Monaco will welcome a fantastic Christmas present in the face of their twins. One of the twins will […]


For The Love of Hats

Fashion hats are becoming more and more popular as celebrities are often seen styling different in size and color hats. They are used as a great accessory to every outfit and are becoming inseparable part of the outfits of the royals around the world. One of these royals, Crown Princess […]

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All About Gipsies: Who They Are and What They Do

According to recent studies, Gypsies left India about 1,400 years ago. They came from a lower caste known as “Dalits” or ” The Untouchables”. Research examined the Y chromosomes of DNA samples from the gypsies and their comparison with samples taken from Indian men. There were checked 10,000 samples, including […]