Ladies Sports Watches: Does Timex Vanquish Casio?

Diesel DZ1090The two most popular manufacturers of sports watches are Timex and Casio. These are brands that have been developed to cope with the rumble and tumble of our daily lives and therefore, pay more attention to durability as opposed to style. But that does not expressly imply that they are lacking in that aspect.

Timex ladies watches are designed to function in the real world where there is shock, pressure water and dirt. This is opposed to the notion that timepieces are accessories that are meant to be confined to environments where there is no accidental contact with certain elements within a lady's scope of activity such as cleaning, gardening or doing the dishes. Conversely, Casio has been produced with the principle of good value for money and reliability not to mention the important aspect of fun. Since pioneering digital watches, Casio has come a long way by continuously innovating and developing both analogue and digital watches on both sides of the divide with a focus on sporty watches. As such, the firm has developed a range of versatile watches that can be worn with both formal and casual attire.


Timex prides itself in designing thin and small ladies watches that are practical for the general tasks that women traditionally perform. This allows for optimum performance at home and work. The elegance in design makes you feel comfortable and flexible in any setting. Casio, on the other hand, combines the element of fun with sportiness to accommodate the needs and functions required by a lady anywhere and at any time. The purpose of this design is to allow ladies to wear a practical timepiece that is useful in their lives by providing a variety of strap accents, bracelet style bands and colours that sit comfortably on the wearer's wrist. This manifests itself in the whole range from the traditional to the sports timepieces.


Timex ladies watches are made with the essential elements of durability and functionality. Despite the attention to style, the Timex watch does not lose its functionality. They are not delicate and can be exposed to various situations including accidents, bruises, bumps and dirt. They are made to cope with the needs of a professional who has to combine office tasks and work at home and the occasional camping trip. In any case, it is not practical to wear a jewelry watch on a trip into the wild.DKNY NY4332

Casio has developed a reputation of enhancing the functionality and practicality of its range of watches by introducing value-adding devices that make their timepieces more than just a timepiece. As testimony to this, the Telememo function in the Baby-G watch allows a lady to store the contacts of friends, family and colleagues while the others in the product line feature day counters, alarms and even world time. Needless to say, the watches are resistant to shock and water resistant.


As competitors within the same niche, Timex and Casio offer a host of similar features that include sophisticated alarms, timers, and chronometer versions as well as many facilities that are applicable in our daily routines. The stiff competition between the two is reflected in the competitive pricing even though Timex has been around for over 150 years.

Today, most users are at pains to choose between the two iconic brands because they offer reliability, durability and simplicity while retaining the aspect of style and fun. Owners of these timepieces have little to worry about because they have been proved to stand the test of time and continue to satisfy the old and young generations alike.

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