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The Best Places in London for Music Lovers

Music LoversThe best ways musicians can enjoy the pleasures of London is to bask in the beautiful city with the best kind of music. The city welcomes all the musicians, artists and people those love art and culture.

The pleasures of being in London are indeed something that is fascinating as well as interesting. The ideal ways of going about this need to feel the beauty of the city is to enjoy the music here and also take back a wonderful blend of singing and band delights. For all those who wish to see something different in tours to this part of the world, there are special ways of doing this and as one moves around the city the best way one could relax and feel closer to the beauty of nature is to come back and enjoy the full-fledged attractions which are a part of tours here. The musicians as well as lovers of music completely entertain the people with a different kind of travel delight that is really a must do for all those who enjoy having a great time while in the city.

Pleasures at Abbey Road

Abbey Road is a place where one gets to listen to the best kind of music. IN fact, the Beatles album has the photo of the iconic Abbey Road with the famous four walking over a zebra crossing right here in London. This has not only brought about the best kinds of parodies and copies but also made things so easy and better for all. There is a live web cam for all so it is indeed worth every moment spent here. You can enjoy the moments from the camera.

The Delightful Jersey Boys

The Jersey Boys are a famed group and as one would know they began right here in the city so it is an interesting fare to watch Bye Be Baby and Big Girls Don't Cry, Begging, and so many other interesting songs. The Jersey Boys who are also the ones who won the Olivier award are a must see for all the music fans and if one feels one is not into a musical line one would surely get into it, the moment the other musicals come into play right here. Also there are other musicals like Thriller and We Will Rock You by Queen to check out.

Enjoy the Pleasures of British Music

The British Music Experience is something that one cannot forget once experienced here. This is found inside O2 and is a place that really would allow one to explore the entire place. Also come here and experience the beauty of the instruments, the outfits, and the photos along with the best kind of videos which make way for the ideal kind of memorabilia for all those who come to this part of the world. The past and the present of the popular music of Britain is indeed worth every bit of pleasure experienced and then there are other things like looking at John Lennon's glasses and the Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell's Union Jack Dress. Get to see Ziggy Stardust's 1970 along with the best movies in the Dance the Decades booth. One can also record a track in the Interactive Studio here and also take oneself back to the hugest concerts of around sixty years in The Finale.

The Spice of Life Thrills

One surely would love to come to The Spice of Life in SoHo and enjoy the best kinds of British music. There are artists like Bob Dylan, Jamie Cullum, and Cat Stevens who are really etched in the minds of all music lovers. One can also enjoy the Open Mic Night here where one can really enjoy the best of music. There is the in house piano and PA where one can bring along one's own instrument. Usually the music begins at around seven in the evening and the performers should ensure that they reach here and sign up by 6.30 p.m. and ensure that they get a spot here so that they can enjoy the entire musical experience. Enjoy the stays in places like M by Montcalm, Shoreditch, London tech city and take back a lovely travel memory for all to remember.

The Musical Extravaganza in Denmark Street

The best ways one could experience the pleasures of musical delights is to come to Denmark Street which is right near Leicester Square. This is known as the Tin Pan Alley in London and both the sides of the beautiful street are filled with the best kind of music shops like those selling Wunjo Guitars. These sell the best kind of vintage guitars and also used ones. There are many other Vintage & Rare Guitars and which make way for the best kind of instrument experience. People love to come here and enjoy the live music to have the best kind of live experience. They come here to the intimate Alley cat Bar Club or the 12 Bar Club which are all found near the Regents Sounds Studio. Incidentally this is the place that is famous as the first album of the erstwhile Rolling Stones had their first album.

The Best of Rock and Roll in London

Come to the lovely city of London and enjoy the pleasures of the Rock and Roll London Walk which is a unique experience of musical delights. Make sure to book a spot right here for a two-hour long musical show. Come to the Marquee Club and enjoy the pleasures of the pub delights where once upon a time Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix once jammed. Then there are other pleasures like seeing the place where The Sex Pistol's once had their world debut. This is just a musical paradise and as one reaches Tottenham Court Road Station the best way to take back a valuable travel delight is to enjoy the pleasures of music right here in these beautiful locales.

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