For The Love of Hats

Fashion hats are becoming more and more popular as celebrities are often seen styling different in size and color hats. They are used as a great accessory to every outfit and are becoming inseparable part of the outfits of the royals around the world. One of these royals, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, has been often see wearing hats - some very practical and others not so much but all equally beautiful and stylish.


Through history, we have seen the hat evolving - from a practical item to a symbol status with authority. In the 19th century, women used to wear hats that were quite big and heavily decorated. The etiquette in the 20th century required that every person, regardless of gender and place in society, should have a hat to wear. The stylish hats were still pretty big at the beginning of that century as well however as time passed by and women started changing their hairdos, the hats were slowly reduced in size and decoration. The hats were always in fashion and used for various occasions. Nowadays, hats are turning into a very stylish fashion accessory in the fashion collections of designers from around the world. In Britain, women wear hats for special occasions - horse races, christenings, weddings, etc. They find this accessory to be the perfect addition to their attire. A bigger hat is the perfect accessory to save your hairdo from the unpredictable British weather as well. Of course women around the world are starting to wear the practical hat much more often and we can see many celebrities on TV to appear with sporty or classy hats.


There is one royal, who is known for her love for hats. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark very often uses this accessory not only as a fashion addition but also as a very practical one especially during the cold winters when she loves to ski with her family. Mary also has to attend various official engagements such as receiving official guests during their state visits or naming a ship. She has a large collection of hats - some are very large in size and others are small but quite the style statement. When she attends certain events, she has to wear a hat as the protocol requires it. There probably are specific rules when it comes to choosing a hat for a particular occasion but they are not revealed to the public. The fact is that Mary looks amazing when she wears hats and just recently she was seen with one amazing looking purple hat during the opening ceremony of the Danish Parliament.

christening Princess Estelle

It is very seldom to see Mary not wearing a hat but then she can be seen wearing interesting hair accessories for example at her children's christenings. She had decided to wear the same flower fascinator in light ivory color.

christening childrenchristening children 3christening children 2

At the christening of Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Estelle, Mary wore another fascinating hat that quickly turned into a hot topic for the representatives of the media.

opening of parliament 2014

Almost all of the hats Crown Princess Mary owns are designed by Susanne Juul, a famous milliner who has proven with the years that she has a spectacular talent when it comes to this popular accessory. The Crown Princess of Denmark is not the only royal who loves to showcase her amazing hat collection - British royalties like Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton are often seen wearing amazing pieces of art on their heads, making them look even more beautiful and stylish. These women are bringing back the love for hats amongst the modern ladies who want to look amazing at every occasion be it a garden party or an official state dinner at Buckingham Palace.

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