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Wilderness Addiction Treatment

edwefwAddiction is a difficult and dangerous disease that can have a ruinous impact on a person’s life. Addiction can damage the body and soul of the user, while also destroying careers, relationships, financial health, and ultimately, the addict’s own life. Addiction can also take away the capacity for joy and for experiencing life fully. A life of addiction hardly seems worthwhile, yet the psychological complexity, along with the physical reality of drug cravings makes kicking a drug or alcohol habit extremely difficult for most people.

Due to the great need today for recovery plans that really work to cure addiction, there are many very effective programs available, including the plans offered by www.firststeprecovery.com/clovis/wilderness-treatment/.

The treatment offered at www.firststeprecovery.com gives hope and positive reinforcement to those in need of healing and support as they make the journey out of addiction and towards sobriety. www.firststeprecovery.com offers a range of therapeutic and medical services for those dealing with addiction, including help with withdrawal symptoms and psychological support through varied forms of counseling. The therapy offered here ranges from one-on-one counseling that gets at the root causes of addiction and group therapy that gives an addicted person a chance to share their experiences while being supported by those who are going through similar experiences.

Wilderness Addiction Treatment

Beyond the counseling and support for recovery offered at www.firststeprecovery.com, the center also offers other forms of therapy that signal a shift in policy on addiction. The wilderness drug treatment program offered through www.firststeprecovery.com takes an approach to wellness that is geared towards healing the whole person. Where in the past many attitudes in the “War on Drugs” were very punitive, the new approach offers healing, solace and a hand up. This treatment plan focuses on treating the whole person, not just their addiction.

By taking group members out into the wilderness to experience the abundance of nature and the chance to take on the challenges of hiking and other outdoor activities, there is a kind of healing offered that reaches deep into a person’s soul.

The wilderness offers great beauty and many intense and sometimes unpredictable experiences. These are the kinds of experiences that are sometimes left behind by people who have become lost in addiction. By truly experiencing nature, many addicts find they are able to meet challenges and become stronger than they ever knew they could be.

Underlying Causes of Addiction

Addiction is a complicated and often terrifying disease. People who enter treatment for addiction are often plagued by an inability to communicate well with others, and they also often suffer from intense anxiety and depression. Along with this can come feelings of helplessness, an inability to take on responsibility and very low self-esteem. The innovative wilderness therapy program offered by www.firststeprecovery.com addresses these issues by taking the addicted person out of their usual comfort zone, and into a place where they must face real challenges head on.

Finding Out Who You Are

The wilderness therapy sessions lead by www.firststeprecovery.com include counselors who are experienced with those suffering from addiction, as well as those experienced in hiking, boating and dealing with life in the outdoors. By being in the wilderness as a group, those in recovery go outside of themselves and build community with the other people in their group. They have a chance to share parts of themselves they may not have shared before. They may also take on a hiking challenge they never thought they could accomplish.

All of these vibrant experiences come without the solace and escape of drugs and alcohol. These experiences are incredible at teaching those in recovery how exciting and gratifying life can be without the use of drugs.

A Treatment Used In Tandem With Other Therapies

Wilderness therapy is one element of a treatment system that works to heal the whole person from the pain of addiction. www.firststeprecovery.com uses this wilderness therapy plan along with a system of one-on-one counseling, group therapy, art therapy, cognitive therapy and more.

www.firstrecovery.com works with the philosophy that recovery is a process that goes beyond simply abstaining from intoxicants. This recovery system is about reaching out and healing, to help the addicted person become sober and truly whole.Ultimately, it’s about giving someone in need a chance to embrace life to its fullest.

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