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What to Consider When Buying Window Treatments

Window treatments are responsible for defining the color scheme, style, and lighting of your living space. The right window treatment can just anchor the overall look of your entire home. However, with so many options getting started on which one is best for everything can be quite overwhelming. Here is a list of the factors you should consider first before making that important decision about how your home is going to look like from inside. We have taken our time to take the guesswork out of finding the best suitable window treatment for your home and rooms so that you can nail down exactly what it is your home needs to be fully upgraded.

The Room They Will Go In

This is the most essential thing when it comes to window coverings. Which room are you intending to decorate? You will most likely discover that every room has its own needs and requirements as per the uses. Maybe the room you have in mind needs more privacy than the other, for instance the bathroom or the bedroom. Is it a sunroom, because solar shades are just the type of window treatment that eliminated heat and glare without obstructing the view from inside of the outside. They offer a great deal of balance of design and comfort. If you live in a west facing home that has a room with old or drafty windows, or a basement, energy efficient cellular shades are the best option because they will provide superior insulation in fashionable colors. If it is a kid’s bedroom or playroom, consider going for cordless blinds and shades to make lifting and lowering easy and fast while at the same time making sure the room has no dangling cords to improve safety of your home for any young ones or pets. If it is the kitchen then you have to consider the cleaning aspect of the coverings. Kitchen window treatments should be not only easy to clean but even water resistant as they will be prone to getting dirty after a very short time especially if they are near the sink or the oven.

Quality and Functionality of Blinds

Your home’s décor style and the lifestyle for your family can dictate how you prioritize the quality and functionality of a blind or shade or any other window treatment. You cannot consider buying blinds that you used in your room back at the college for your home where your family stays. Quality speaks a lot about your home and your lifestyle. If you are looking for energy efficiency then cellular shades have unique honeycomb structure that is designed to rap air when it enters and leaves the house. Families with small children on the other hand should always consider installing cordless window treatments because children and pets can at times be too curious and pull on the cords which might cause accidents. Kitchens and bathrooms in the home are known to be humid places that need waterproof shutters or moisture resistant window treatments. With a variety of customization options, every window solution can be tailored to create an ideal paring of form, quality and function.

Location and Privacy

Whether your home is located just beside a beach, on an oasis or built on multiple layers, you can always evaluate your window treatment needs basing o where your rooms will be located in the layout or where they are located I your home. Rooms facing the neighbors or the street will need a little more privacy. Those on the second floor will need as much privacy but you will also need to close and open the windows from just about any room in the house. Combine window treatments that can control light and the amount for privacy as much as you require to. Determining how much sunlight a room will get depends on which side of the home the room is. When rooms get too much light they tend to be hot and uncomfortable most especially if it is the kitchen or bedroom. Get blinds that can block enough heat such as simple and adjustable wood blinds that will minimize the direct sunlight but still allow some of the light to filter in. shutters are another great option of controlling the light coming in the room as well as maintaining privacy. Bathrooms only need privacy more than light so cellular shades should be just fine because they can be adjusted to the window. Meaning levels or privacy and light can be adjusted to your liking. Blackout shades are the best for bedrooms in case you need to put the baby to sleep during the day; you can darken the room enough conducive for sleep.

Cost and Warranty

Before anything else is decided, make sure you are in a position to go home with that window covering you have chosen. Determine your budget ahead of time to narrow your window treatment choices considerable. While some companies would offer custom draperies and high-end shades and blinds at a costly price, there are others offering the same products but a cheaper price. You will always get what you pay for and make sure you choose something that you can afford. If you go for cheaper products that costs $75, you might be required to replace the, after a short period, while buying high quality products at a cost like between $500-1000 will last far longer. Always go to the store with a budget in your kind to get the necessary help in choosing window treatments that are within your budget.

The window covering market today has a wide array of window treatment options and so does this come with a wide assortment of warranties. The more costly a product is, the better its warranty is prone to be. Make sure to ask about any repairs that are covered under the warranty and what will be needed of you to get such repairs done before you buy any window treatment.

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