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What Every Man Needs to Know About Buying Flowers for Valentine's Day

black and white flowersThe wrong flowers on Valentine's Day can spell trouble. Do you really want to make a flower faux pas on the most romantic day of the year?

Putting aside all arguments about equality, Valentine's Day is all about the female in the relationship! So don’t skimp on the flower and gift decisions…

However, choosing, and buying flowers does not come naturally to most men. It’s not something they grew up with an interest in, and are quite unlikely in fact to have cultivated (pun intended) an interest in flowers over the years.

But with all that said-the ultimate flower buying decision is staring you in the face. It could impact your entire future. So what do you do? Well, let’s see…

Shop Online

Online flower delivery is convenient, it gives you plenty of buying choice, and you can even choose a specific date and time for your flowers to be delivered to the recipient. It is, however, a good idea to speak to a florist about which types of flowers are a good choice to send to a loved one. Once you know this, you can look online for the perfect bouquet and even add a balloon or cake to your gift if the supplier offers this service.

Your Relationship Stage

If you’ve only had two dates, a huge bunch of red roses might be overdoing it somewhat! Or perhaps you’re delivering them ironically and your date gets the joke? (This could backfire horribly.)

So do your best to judge the situation of your relationship and the expectations of your date, girlfriend, or wife (delete as appropriate). And pick something suitable.

It also comes down to what your relationship is like. If you have an open and honest relationship and she understands that romance has a tendency to naturally fade as the relationship becomes more pragmatic, perhaps an ever shrinking annual gift is understood.

Whereas, if your girlfriend or wife expects ever more lavish gifts and events, and won’t accept anything less, well topping each successive year could get progressively more difficult, and expensive.

Stay (Color) Safe

Reds and pinks are playing very safe on Valentine's Day. In a good way. You’re not going to go hugely wrong with those, and your better half will appreciate it.

You could potentially get more adventurous with all sorts of bright colours, but perhaps think carefully about your audience first, and it might be best to get the advice of a competent and trustworthy florist.

The Note

Don’t skimp on the note! It’s the cheapest part of the arrangement, but can also mean the most. In some ways, the flowers are just an expensive delivery system for the message inside the note!

So give it plenty of thought, and play to your audience. Make her laugh, smile, swoon. Remember, Valentines is all about her. “Remember to buy milk” is not a suitable message, so think harder.

These tips can help you avoid the Valentine's Day pitfalls that can result in a day full of the silent treatment, rather than fun, romance, and a relationship that lasts another year!

If you have any questions, please ask below!