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7 Effective Class Management Tips for Preschool Teachers


Managing a class of preschoolers is definitely quite tricky for a teacher to handle. The age gap becomes some sort of an issue but once you get the trick to handle your class in an efficient manner, you definitely get to enjoy your job more than anything.

After all, pre-schooling does come with it a whole lot gratification and self-satisfaction. Remember you are paving the way for our future to the greater good, you are carrying the responsibility for our youngest generation to see to the fact that they don’t stumble anywhere in life up the ladder.

So naturally, the job will bring with it a lot of self-satisfaction, once you succeed in fulfilling all your tasks successfully for the kids in particular. But how can you fulfill all these tasks in the best possible way?

The first and the foremost thing that you should do is to manage your classroom effectively. Education is the next step but effective classroom management is the first.

Once you come to know about the different class management tactics in detail, effective education will naturally follow. Now here we have discussed a few of these effective class management tactics in greater detail. Take a peek without further ado.

  1. Strategic organization of the class

A preschool classroom is usually chaotic. Hence, organization becomes mighty important to keep everything disciplined and well within control.

You need to find out those activities that are particularly more chaotic than others in comparison. You should then try to limit the occurrence of such chaotic activities only in a particular area of the classroom thereby separating the chaotic zones from the quieter ones.

Things like that can give you more organization power and more control over your class as a whole.

  1. The divide and conquer rule can work wonders

Now it has been found that kids who work in small groups of their choice are usually more productive in nature. They learn organization and teamwork skills more through these small scattered groups.

Therefore, we are asking you to divide your class into groups to increase the level of productivity in kids. Such things can definitely benefit your class as a whole in the long run.

  1. Have a sound plan for transitions

In pre-schools students frequently change their activities from one to another. For example, now they are on the building blocks but soon after an hour they are expected to move over to the abacus.

Have a sound plan in place to handle all these transitions systematically. You’ll be able to reduce a lot of commotion by implementing a bit of organization.

  1. Always have a “teaching table”

Keep an area of your classroom dedicated for your table. It’s like some sort of a home base.

If students ever need any help, they will know where to find you. Sounds good; eh?

  1. Create some sort of an attention-grabbing signal

Remember you are having a room full of young kids and hence, things are bound to get chaotic after a period of time. What should you do in such circumstances? You need to have an ace of a creative method up your sleeve to grab their attention at moment’s notice.

Using some sort of a silly sound or a similar expression is a great way to grab the attention of pre-schoolers at first notice.

  1. A routine helps to maintain consistency

Consistency is vital for everyone, especially children. If you have a routine for your pre-school students, they will have definite sense of obligation to follow it.

Small things like a routine can incorporate the obligations and abilities in children to follow a set of rules accordingly and systematically. These abilities can definitely benefit them a lot in the long run.

  1. Finding a balance between the active and the passive activities is the key

Certain activities are going to get your student’s adrenaline up and running whereas others can help to calm them down. The former activities are classified as a form of “active activity” and the latter is considered to be “passive.”

You need to find a balance between the two to get the best results. Can you?

So that’s it then. Hope you find these tips handy enough for your job. Enjoy your job to the fullest and give your students the best learning experience that you can. We do have the fullest confidence in you. Cheerio!

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