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How to Be More Confident

1.Know your strengths-"Nobody knows you better than yourself"-the saying is true. Your friends and family may claim they know you the best because of your "behaviours" when you are around them, but in reality, even best friends may not know the best of you if you keep them shut out.

Needless to say, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Even the most talented people have weaknesses so there is no need to feel down. Only you know your strengths and weaknesses. Use your strengths to help you shine and your weaknesses as space for improvement
If you are unsure of what your strengths are, try doing a number of things to discover what you're good at! You may be amazed at what you can accomplish.confident-man

2. Be yourself

Right or wrong, being exactly who you were born to be, is the best feeling anyone could ever have. You may ask why, but take a minute to brainstorm. Here are the things that may come to your mind

    • Comfortability
    • Openness
    • Truthful

It shouldn't matter what your true colours are, someone will like you for your true colours because they are the components that have made up you. Without them, you wouldn't be you. If you weren't yourself, people would think there is something wrong or that you may be trying to cover up something-which will never be a good thing.

Be yourself, you would feel comfortable and would not have a care in the world. Your life would be much easier, giving you peace of mind.

3. Be proud of what you do

One of people's "something-to-be-proud-of" is their career. Some may be proud to know a large number of people, having numerous perks, helping people etc.

Though sometimes having what people say, "the worst job" isn't really the worst-have you tried other roles? I personally doubt it's any worse than having no jobs and countless bills to pay. So even when you don't have the best job in the world, find something positive to love about it or why you applied for the job in the first place. You will find the passion to do the job better.

4. Back yourself up with compliments from people around you

Whenever you feel down, hang on to the compliments that were given to you by people around. It will help you keep yourself steady and somehow, boost your optimism to start cheering yourself up.

5. Remind yourself why you're alive

Everything happens for a reason. Ask yourself why you are still living, how good it would be having you in other people's lives, how important you are. The chances are that your existence accounts for quite a few reasons!

6. Wearing clothes that lights up your mood

Believe it or not, your clothes can make your day. Pick bright or not too bright colours (white, sunny yellow, etc) or even your favourite colour to match your mood. Mix and match. The current trends could always have a little mixes every now and then!

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