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Five Top Tips for Playing Blackjack Online for Real Money

How much do you know about online blackjack? While we are sure that you have an idea of how to play, do you really know how to improve you game? To experienced pros and seasoned veterans, this blackjack advice will be basic. But to rank amateurs and blackjack newbies, we’ve got some words of wisdom for you here. Read on to find out more.

Don’t Go All In – Ever

First and foremost, you should never (and we do mean, never) go all-in when playing blackjack. There is just no reason to stake everything you have. Blackjack is a game that in most cases, is going to pay out even money at best. Unless you’ve got a blackjack under your sleeve, you’re looking at doubling your money tops, and given the relatively low height of table limits, we don’t think the odds of the game justify going all in. It’s just not worth it.

Look for Value Versus Benefits

Always try and look for value in a game, especially when the rules have changed. For instance, in Double Exposure, you can see both the dealer’s cards. To compensate for this, the software providers have offset the game by lowering the amount you can win with a blackjack. Does this make seeing the dealer’s card a real advantage, then? That’s up to you to decide based on how you feel about it. Some advantages may not actually be that – depending on how the developers have offset them.

Avoid Side-Bets Every Time

Always avoid side-bets. We understand that it can be tempting to have a crack at a game that is promising a tidy sum if you’re prepared to wager a dollar here or there with a side bet. But it soon adds up, and side-bets are notoriously difficult to land – they have poor odds. Don’t fall for this and stay away from them wherever possible. We’d offer the same advice for insurance bets, come to think of it.

Use Basic Strategy to Read the Table’s Odds

You might think that a big win just came from heaven or was the offspring of pure luck. That can sometimes be the case. However, in many cases, big wins are usually down to a bit more than luck. We’d urge you to consider printing out a Basic Strategy chart based on the blackjack variant you are playing. This can help you learn what the next best move on the table is likely to be, given the cards that are on show. It’s not even cheating if you’re playing from home.

Practice and Play Makes Perfect

While it sounds counterproductive to play for free (you won’t win anything), doing so is actually advantageous. It gives you a shot of winning real money later down the line. By playing free demos, you can practice, understand how games work, and develop strategies without risking your own funds. It sounds boring, but it can make a difference in the long run.

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