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Advantages and Disadvantages of Pallet System Racking

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA pallet rack is a device or equipment usually used in big warehouses to store a number of materials. It has skids or pallets that are positioned in a horizontal way that reaches up to 4 or more levels. Along with it is a forklift truck, a mini truck that has a fork like stage where boxes are piled. Today, pallet racking is also being used in manufacturing companies, distributing companies, and department stores.There are two types of pallet racking system that is commonly used in big storage places. One racking system has clips, which is used in configuration and is commonly made with a tear drop design. The pallets of this system are placed in horizontal beams that are held into place by clips. Because these clips are mounted over the column with tear drop shape holes, these can be easily adjusted into heights that can accommodate large load of stocks.The other pallet racking system uses structural pallets, which are bolt together. It is most likely the same with roll formed system, but the horizontal load beams are bolted to columns and have a great weight capacity. This type of system can be dismantled or constructed depending on the need of storage.

Parts of a pallet rack system

1. The Load beams
– These support the pallets and wire deck`s heavy loads.

2. Upright column
– This increases the weight capacity of any pallet rack system.

3. Diagonal and horizontal braces
– These give support to upright columns.

4. Wire decks
– These support the pallets and products that are placed or stored in the pallets from falling from its place.

5. Base plates
– These give the rack system an anchor or base of support. Base plates are also used as part of the storage system. These are considered the most important support of the whole system.

6. Shims
– These help even the floor of the base and are installed under the upright columns.

7. Row spaces
– These are spacers used in upright columns for back to back storage.

8. Wall ties
– These are mounted over the walls and support the upright column.

9. Post protectors
– These shield the upright columns from damages that can weaken the whole base of the system.

10. Guarding rails
– These are platforms used to protect people from falling stored products.

Uses and advantages of pallet system racking

• Minimizes construction cost
• Temporary storage
• Can be used as extensions for constructions
• Storage can be increased to the highest level
• Can utilize the hole space for storage
• Less expensive
• Can hold a great density of storage

Disadvantages of packed pallet rack system

• Aisles may be narrowed because of packed storage system
• Difficult to access for inventory
• Cost of the pallet system may be expensive when storage is not properly planned and organized.

Considerations for safety

• Always check for any loose bolts in the system.
• Always check if the base support of the system is damaged or weakened.
• Do not use the pallet racks as stairs.
• Check the pallets for any damages.
• Do not allow narrow aisle in between storage systems.
• Never exceed or overload the racking system. Every racking system has a limit of load to bear.
• Check racks regularly for safety purposes.
• Replace any parts or materials that are damaged or weaken.
• Do not temporarily reuse any damaged parts or materials.

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