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Tips for Starting a Green Business

Go-Green-by-greenpromise.net_Starting a new business is an exciting undertaking, but what do you do if you want to start a business with a focus on being green? People are more conscious of the environment than ever before, and today’s students who come out of an online MBA degree program are looking to leave less of a footprint. If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to read tips on what you can do to make your business a green one.

Consider the Work Week

Before you open your door to your business you may want to start by thinking about your work week. Traditional businesses are open five days a week, 9-5. A new trend for green businesses is to cut the work week down to four days. The same amount of hours are covered, they are just squeezed into four days instead. This cuts down on one whole day of commuting, power costs, and so much more. If you do still need to work on that fifth day, perhaps Skyping from home would do the trick.

Purchase Energy Efficient Equipment

Obviously, your office will need equipment such as phones, computers, a printer, and much more, so be sure to purchase only energy efficient items. These are items that have been specially rated to cut down on the amount of energy they use, which also means less money needs to be spent on powering them.

Cut Down on Travel

If you plan on opening a business that traditionally necessitates a lot of travel to visit with customers and clients, then you may want to introduce a green option instead. There have been all kinds of advances in video conferencing and now it’s just as easy to schedule a video chat. Not only does this cut down on the carbon emissions that traveling would have created, it also cuts down on costs in a big way.

Replace the Lightbulbs

Another place you can make a difference is with lighting. Take a look at the current lighting your office offers. By using compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) you will in fact be using up to 75% less energy. Not only that, but these lightbulbs last way longer before they need replacing.

Request Biodegradable Cleaners

If you have hired a cleaning crew for your office space, then you will want to talk to them about using biodegradable cleaning products only. These are safer for the environment, and the people using them and breathing them in. With more and more people making green decisions, it shouldn’t be hard to find a cleaning company that uses green products.

Making Smart Choices

As you finish up your online MBA programs and think about opening up your own company, you may want to consider the many ways you can make it a green business. These tips are not only beneficial for the environment, but they also end up saving you money in the end. It’s a win-win for your business, and most are extremely easy to implement.

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