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Sky Q: The Future of Multi-Room Television

sky-officeThe Sky Q system was presented for the very first time after a press conference announcing the debut in London. The Sky Q was available for viewing only as viewers were walked through the various features available on the new TV. Since this time the Sky Q system has been launched for purchase. There are a couple of versions: the Sky Q Silver box, Sky Q Mini box, Sky Q box, along with the Sky Q Touch Remote, and the Sky Q App for iPad and Android. All of these devices and apps connect to a central hub called the Sky Q Hub.

The Sky Q Silver box is the top of the line device in its product line that has a two terabyte drive, twelve tuners and is 4K UHD compatible. The tuners allow for live TV usage, viewing other channels while still viewing your current channel via a smaller screen, the ability to record up to four TV shows at once, two are used for tablet connections, two are for additional Sky Q Mini box connections, and one network tuner. The Sky Q box is similar except that it only has eight tuners as opposed to twelve. Both the Sky Q Silver and standard versions have HDMI inputs and outputs.

The Sky Q Touch Remote is impressive because it makes using your TV even easier. You have multi-touch capabilities such as swiping, taping, and pushing of buttons. The remote is very intuitive and easy to use. Getting to additional features on your screen is easy with a quick app button on the remote. The rotating circular dial is the best element of the device. The ability to get speed through navigation and/or use the forward and reverse function is very easy with this functionality.

Sky Q is built on the fact that it is focused on the next generation of technology, such as with multi-room abilities. In this new box, Sky really focused on the user interface to make it more unique and user friendly. The box now uses horizontal menu navigation, rather than top down navigation. They also provide pictures to preview the channels if you like. You have the ability to search content via categories and set up content based on items you have watched or categories you enjoy the most. The Sky Q is dedicated to focusing on the customer and their wants. The ability to record and download shows of relevance makes missing an episode impossible. You even have apps for your tablet devices so that you can watch from your hotel room or the gym. You have the ability to watch your recorded shows and download them to watch later while you do not have internet connection.

Sky thought about the user when developing these products and made sure it met everyone's needs and wants. (For more details on SKY please call the Sky telephone number at 0844 800 3115.)

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