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Make your house better looking with these décor tips

Passion-House-M1-by-Architect-11-8There is no book from which you can learn designing and especially interior designing. The designer breaks more rule than following them. There are no hard and fast rules in the interior designing and the designer just depends on his intuitions, and the aesthetic sense gifted by nature. There is no start and end in the interior designing. Even, instead of paying any interior decorator, you can also décor your home just by using your own aesthetic mind and following your intuitions. To help you in this, I have compiled some of the best décor tips that will help you to give your home the best look that you ever fantasized.

Paint your home in last:

This is a general habit among the masses of painting their house even before they set their furniture in it. This is not a good practice especially if you want to give your home an artistic look. You would find thousands of colors in various tints, shades and highlights. Each one has his own nature and contrasts. You cannot choose any color unless you spend a whole day in the house noticing the light source and the colors of your furniture especially the upholstery of your sofas and chairs.

Create breathing room:

There is no need to overcrowd your home or room with furniture, showpieces, curtains and rugs. There should be enough space in the room so everyone can walk through it. It is also pocket-friendly if you cut your expenditure on expensive furniture and buy some small and delicate things which will only add the charm from the shelves.

Hang the things on their right heights:

No matter how beautiful painting you have bought from the auction, if you don’t know how to hang it or where to hang it, it will not add anything in your home. Make galleries and museums as your reference. They hang their artwork in a way that the midline center of each piece stays 57 to 60 inches up from the floor. The reason behind is that the average human eye level is 57 inches from the floor which makes it easier for everyone to see. You can do same with not only the paintings, but in installing your shelves also.

Furniture on a rug:

There are three basic methods to put your furniture on rugs that aesthetically looks good.

  1. If you have a large enough rug on which you can place all of the furniture legs, you have to make sure to leave 12 to 18 inches of floor surface on each side of the rug’s borders.
  2. If you have a small rug and cannot put all the legs of your furniture on it, it is better to lay it in the front where the sitter can put his feet on it. This will create a feeling of royalty when he feels the carpet under his feet.
  3. Instead of the sofas or chairs, put the table onto the rug. It will not only aligned your table as the center of the room but also will be visible to everyone.

Don’t get too themed:

Having a home decorated on a single theme was the thing of the past. Now the more versatile you go, the better your home would look. There is no point of leaving the right idea of decoration just because it doesn’t suit your theme. If you believe that this color is good for your kid’s room, you should go with it.

Add Layers of lighting:

If you want to create interest, intrigue and variety in your home, professionals suggest adding layers of light in it. But it doesn’t mean that you lit up everything in your room. You have to choose the focal point of the room and light it up the most. Then the secondary things come which on lighting up can add their role in the beauty of your home.

Be Bold:

As I said, the designing is something which relates to the one’s intuition. That is why you should be bold enough to follow your intuition. A third person’s advice is also good to take but only from those on whom you believe that they are the right one to talk onto this topic.


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