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How To Pass A Urine Drug Test After College?

how to pass a drug test in 24 hoursMeet Chris. He is your average guy in mid-20s looking for a job in the marketing industry. He has a Bachelor Degree from Penn State and has landed a few good interviews. The luck was on his side and he got a job at a company near his home. There is only one thing left to do – he has to pass a regular medical examination.

The medical examination is nothing out of the ordinary – it’s marketing job, not a physically demanding job – but there is one problem. The basic examination requires all candidates to pass a drug test. Now here is where it gets interesting. Up till now he didn’t realize he’ll have to know how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours.

Chris started smoking weed in college. Why? Everybody has to experiment now and again, and college seemed to be the most appropriate time for that. However, Chris became a regular user and smoked even after college. In fact, he had a blunt right after the successful interview – just to relax a bit and enjoy the high.

When notified that he’ll have to, among other things, pass a urine drug test that will test for opiates, meth, and of course marijuana (or THC molecule), he got concerned. Googling how long does it take for THC to leave the body, he knew he’s screwed. It takes at minimum a week, in his case, being a regular stoner it would take a month.

The test is tomorrow.

Chris was at first angry at himself, then at the company – I mean, who notifies you to pass a drug test 24 hours prior to actually taking the test. Nonetheless, he managed to calm himself down, this time without weed, and he knew that if he really wanted the job he’ll have to pass a drug test in one day.

Fortunately, there are ways how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours. Of course, his first thought was to do some kind of detox. This makes a lot of sense – if you drink a lot of water and pee a lot, the weed will go out quicker and he might be able to pass the drug test.

This is true, even scientifically proven – increasing liver metabolism will create turn more and more THC into THC-COOH via a chemical reaction. Furthermore, when the created THC-COOH goes via blood flow to the kidneys, kidneys will transfer it in newly created urine. The end result is that there will be more of THC in the urine and if he would manage to create more of urine as well, the marijuana would be eliminated in no time, right?

Well, the detox would help in elimination, but not in ‘no time’. It can cut the THC elimination time in half but for a chronic user, this would not be quick enough for Chris to pass a drug test in 24 hours.

So that’s a no go for THC detox.

There is, however, one other thing that people use to pass a drug test. In fact, they use it fairly regularly and with very good results. It’s called synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine was first designed to calibrate urine test strips. It has just the right pH, specific gravity, urea and uric acid content as the real urine. However, it is made in the lab, out of basic chemicals. Somewhere along the lines, people like Chris, who were chronic THC users, started using it to pass a weed drug test.

How to do it?

Easy. You can buy a synthetic urine from any number of vendors, take it with you to the drug test, fill the cup with it instead of with your real (and THC full) urine and viola! You have a guaranteed pass and no one is the wiser.

Here is a good video that explains it:


In fact, you can get it in under 24 hours and pass a drug test. This is exactly what Chris was looking for.

There is, nonetheless, one other thing you need to pass a drug test in 1 day with such a method. You need bravery. Smuggling synthetic urine to the toilet stall is not for the lighthearted guys.

With the only choice Chris has, and arguably the most effective one, he is on the brink of buying a synthetic urine to pass a drug test in under 24 hours.

Will he do it or risk the job?

Would you do it?

If you have any questions, please ask below!