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Gifts: A Ritual for Happiness

white-elephant-gift-exchangeThe ritual of gift exchange is an old tradition across the globe. It is a social, cultural, and economic phenomenon and aids in maintaining social relations and expressing feelings.

What is the goal of a gift?

  • It illustrates your intention to the receiver.
  • It makes the receiver happy.
  • The element of surprise played to bring excitement and thrill in the receivers mind leads to a string of unforgettable moments.

Gifts are generally exchanged during some religious and social events and the type of gifts varies from culture to culture. But again there are a few things that are universally accepted as gifts. Flowers, cakes, and chocolates are the gifts that everybody would just love to accept and they are very easy to search and send. Nowadays, with the advent of online shopping, flower delivery can be done to any part of the world.

Talking of gifts and flowers, one should remember the type of flowers and colors. For example, red rose are meant to be gifted to a lover on the occasion of Valentine's Day and carnations of any color can be gifted to moms on mother's day. Yellow rose is gifted on friendship day and for teachers lavenders or orchids are the best flower gifts. The online florists have made the work easier by already packing the bunch of flowers into an elegant bouquet so that the joy of gifting and receiving enhances.

Another important gift that people all around the world consider is cake. Check the benefits of cake consumption and you would understand why cakes are the best gifts.

  • Cakes consisting dark chocolates are great anti-oxidants protecting organs from being damaged.
  • The base of a cake is flour and sugar which are sources of carbohydrates providing us energy to perform all through the day.
  • Cakes made with apples, pine apples, and berries are a good source of fiber that gives us digestion power.
  • Finally, cake is made of milk and eggs and there is no better protein quotient in any other food than milk and eggs.

Now, when you know the nutritional value of cakes, go and check the online cake shops to order the perfect cake to add joy to our celebration. You would come across variety of cakes like: red velvet, strawberry, mango, blueberry cheesecake, vanilla, chocolate fudge, black forest, chocolate truffle, butter scotch, etc.

There is another innovation in the form of ice-cream cake which is a presentation of cakes and ice-cream. This is another great idea to surprise your loved ones. Have a lovely time with alluring gifts.

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