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Dr. Adrian Rubin – Decades of Experience

experienceAfter graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Adrian Rubin received an internship at the Philadelphia General Hospital. He then went on to do his residency at the same hospital before transferring to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center for another residency in Internal Medicine. He is now a licensed general internal medicine physician (an internist) who deals with various common illnesses in Panorama City, California.

Dr. Adrian Rubin’s Certifications and Licensure

The good doctor holds an HI (Hawaii) State Medical License as well as a CA (California) State Medical License.

Adrian Rubin’s Time in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Freshman year at the UNC, one of the top-ranked medical schools in the United States, consisted of classes on cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, anatomy, and embryology. Every week, medical students at the UNC meet in small groups to discuss clinical medicine and learn how to do basic physical exams. They also followed and observed physicians all over North Carolina during their “Community Weeks” which lasted fourteen days. Many students also did their own clinical or medical science research either at their university or other school, while some even conduct their research in clinics all over the world, like Asia, South America and Africa.

The second year was devoted to students familiarizing themselves with the various technology and equipment used to make diagnosis like x-ray, MRI, mammogram, and CT scanner. Students learned various organ systems regarding their makeup, what kinds of diseases that could disrupt each system, how to make diagnosis and treat specific ailments. Adrian Rubin also took a seminar class on Humanities and Social Science for six months and continued his attendance of group work in clinical medicine as well the “Community Weeks” to absorb even more knowledge and experience from licensed physicians. Adrian Rubin’s sophomore year ended with his taking the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) Step 1 Exam.

The last two years of Adrian Rubin’s education at the UNC allowed him to specialize. He decided to opt for Internal Medicine and did an acting internship, which gave him good opportunity to practice caring for patients while still being supervised by a licensed physician. Adrian Rubin’s internship experience was very formative and productive, and he learned many valuable lessons on both diagnosis and patient care.

Track Record of Excellence

The UNC School of Medicine, where Adrian Rubin first started his education is a respected medical school that was ranked first by the 2013 US News and World Report in primary care. In 2007, UNC School of Medicine was awarded $298 million by the National Institutes of Health for research funding. The Philadelphia General Hospital , where Adrian Rubin did his internship, was originally a poorhouse and charity hospital. Initially established in 1732, it was first named the Blockley Almshouse and was run by the government to provide care for the poor, sick and insane. Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, the site of Adrian Rubin’s residency, has long been known for its quality of care and excellence in preventive medicine.

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