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Different Kinds of Garbage Containers

A container that is used for a temporary storage of waste is known as garbage or waste container. It is usually made from metal or plastic. Different types of bins are available these days, for both resident and business use. You can choose the one depending upon what you need it for. Here is the list of different kinds of garbage bins:


Dumpster bins: Dumpster bins are perfect to use for schools, business, complexes, offices, industrial sites, etc. They are basically a kind of mobile garbage bins that are designed to be brought and taken away by a garbage picking truck. These bins can be utilized for all types of waste or for recycling purposes.

Public Trash Bins: Public trash bins are commonly found at various public places such as parks, lakes, small complexes, playgrounds, etc. They usually have a cover with small door to place trash into. These kinds of bins can be availed in varied colors, shapes and sizes.


Trash bins for home: Different kinds of trash bins are available for home use. Some bins have lids that pull off, while others have lids that lock into place that helps prevent animals from getting into them and make a mess. One of the best trash bins for areas where there is a risk of dangerous animals getting into the bins, are the bear proof garbage bins. These kinds of bins are resistant to bears, raccoons and other annoying invaders. These bear proof trash bins are perfect to use at home, farms, cottages, campgrounds, outside offices, factories, etc. These bins may be made up of plastic or metal.

Standard plastic trash bin: These types of bins are appropriate for the collection of municipal and sorted waste. Some bins come with wheels for easy handling. Made using high quality materials, these trash bins are generally resistant to UV rays, chemicals, frost and biological influences.


Bio waste containers: Bio waste containers are basically used to store bio waste from households. They separates solid from liquid. These containers usually have ventilation holes on both sides to allow air circulation to manage odor issues. These bio waste containers are also suitable for collecting waste from restaurants, kitchens etc. The bins are available in assorted colors and sizes. They also come in an array of lock types to secure the container cover.

Trash bins with rounded covers: Trash bins with rounded covers are highly appropriate for the collection of municipal and sorted waste. They usually come with wheels that make them easy to handle. These are generally made using the best quality materials to assure their long lifespan. They are resistant to UV rays, frost, chemical, biological influences and physical damage.

Color coded trash bins: With the use of color coded trash bins, the household waste can separate easily into various bins for different categories of waste. Waste can be segregated into two parts- bio degradable waste and non bio degradable waste. Bio Degradable waste generally includes organic waste such as waste from kitchen, paper, vegetables, flowers, leaves, etc. On the other hand, the non bio degradable waste can be further segregated into three parts- recyclable waste (plastic, paper, metal, glass, etc.), toxic waste (chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, batteries, old medicines, etc.) and soiled waste (waste from hospitals, bloody fluids, etc.)

When buying any kind of trash bins, make sure to consider the size, space available, material and most importantly your requirement for which you need it.

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