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Crazy Jobs You Wouldn’t Believe Even Exist

tgrwFirefighter, cop, nurse and engineer – these are the jobs we all know and love. These are classic careers millions of people dream about doing when they start going to careers fairs or dreaming about their future role in life.

Here is a list of some quirky, fun, and just plain bonkers jobs you should definitely apply for this year.

Waterslide Tester

Water slides rock. On a hot day, water parks attract huge crowds, so it is not surprising that there are companies out there who pay people to test their products before they are made available to the general public. Who knew there could be a job this much fun?

Private Island Caretaker

As jobs go, this one is, on paper, quite possibly the best job in the world. After all, who wouldn’t want to live on their very own private island somewhere amazing? Of course, like most jobs, it is not all a bed of roses. For one thing you have to be OK with your own company as you will be alone for much of the time, and for another, you need to be a practical person capable of fixing things. Still interested? If you are, start polishing your CV immediately.

Cannabis Cook

Whilst there is nothing wrong with being a nurse or ER doctor, do they really offer the kind of workplace excitement you crave when you wake up in the morning, or are you more interested in legal jobs that involve marijuana? When you think of cooking with cannabis, it’s likely that hash brownies are the first thing that come to mind. However, with many states now legalizing marijuana for medical (and in some cases recreational) use, more exciting recipes are required. It is now possible to become a cannabis cook and spend your time creating new, delicious recipes containing this special bud.


We all hate queuing, so it is not hard to fathom why there are now people who are willing to stand-in-line in long queues to relieve you from the tedium. This job might not suit you if you hate queuing, but if you have the patience of a saint or the memory of a goldfish it could be your dream job.

Video Game Tester

If playing video games consumes your every waking moment, this is definitely your dream job. Imagine the fun of being paid to do something you would be doing anyway. It isn’t all fun, however, as you need to keep playing the same game, again and again, just to make sure all potential glitches have been detected and fixed before the game is sent for general release.

Beer and Chocolate Taster

Beer and chocolate… mmm… tasty! OK, so not everyone loves beer and chocolate, but for those that do, there are jobs available for people who want to spend their days tasting beer and chocolate (not at the same time or indeed for the same company). As an official taste tester, your job is to make sure products taste the same. What an awesome job!

Bicycle Fisher

There are thousands of old bicycles languishing in waterways around the world. As a professional bicycle fisher, your job is to fish them out. Glamorous no, but very useful nonetheless, so blocked waterways can lead to flooding.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cool, crazy jobs, so don’t always assume that listings on recruitment sites are the only jobs out there.

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