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Cool sports to try that you haven’t heard of before

While our working lives are important, much of what makes life enjoyable happens in our free time. For this reason, it is vital to find things to stay entertained with in your spare time. Luckily the modern world has more choices than ever when it comes to this. Listening to the latest music on digital streaming services is a great option, as is reading a book or catching up on the latest movies.

Many people will also choose to have fun by playing cool casino games online. These types of online games are not only exciting but also very convenient. This is because you do not have to leave the house to enjoy them and can even fit a quick gaming session in on your smartphone when on the move.

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Another popular thing people do in their spare time is playing sports. While the usual suspects, such as soccer, basketball and baseball, might be the obvious choices, it can be a good idea to switch it up sometimes. This is best done by finding out about new sports to try which you have not heard of before. But what are some of the best around to check out?

Ultimate frisbee

When it comes to the coolest unusual sports to try out, this is a top choice. It has actually been going for over 50 years but still remains unheard of by many people. This is a real shame because ultimate frisbee is not only fun but great for fitness too. As a team sport, it is also very social and enables you to make new friends while playing.

This sport involves two teams of seven people attempting to pass a frisbee into the opposition’s end zone to score points. Players are not allowed to move when they have the frisbee in hand and a point is given for each successful pass.


Another team sport to try which you might not have come across before is korfball. This is fairly similar to netball or basketball in feel but is played with mixed gender sides. In korfball, teams of eight face off and try to score points by chucking the ball through the opponent’s basket.

With an emphasis on teamwork, agility and speed, this sport provides a great all-round workout. As a team sport, it is also perfect if you like sports which involve other people. In the same way as the social and physical benefits of playing football are well-known, korfball is a sport which deserves more recognition.

Two-handed tennis

Everyone knows how the standard game of tennis works. Not many know about its more unusual sibling though – two-handed tennis. While this might sound a bit strange, it is actually a lot of fun and gives a new dimension to the sport. But how does it work?

It is basically exactly the same as normal tennis but both players have a racquet in each hand to hit the ball with! This naturally adds an extra element to the gameplay and makes for more exciting matches, with longer rallies.


These are sports which have around 3,000 years of history behind them. First invented in Ireland, hurling can be played by men or women, although the women’s game is usually called camogie. Both hurling and camogie are field sports which are played in teams and use a wooden stick that players use to hit a small ball called a sliotar. The aim is to run with and pass the ball in an attempt to get the ball in the opponent’s net, or over the crossbar, for a point.

The ball can be hit when in the air or on the ground – but must be balanced or bounced on the wooden stick when running with it. A great aerobic workout, both hurling and camogie build superb muscular endurance.

Unusual sports worth a shot

As the above shows, there are plenty of sports to try that you might not have heard of before. It is always worth looking out for these because it will give you a new sport to enjoy and keeps your exercise regime fresh. If you choose to play a team sport, it also helps you avoid becoming socially isolated. Whether you opt for one of the above or find a new sport to try we haven’t listed, it is worth the effort.

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