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3 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Alone in Bed


It’s not new to us that it is hard for us to get enough amount of sleep. And being in a relationship makes it a little bit more difficult.

You wake up later than your partner; you like your bedroom cold, he likes it warm, toss around, want the lights opened while sleeping, he doesn’t like it that way, and when you’re already sleepy, that’s the time that he begins snoring. A real challenge, isn’t it?

For those who are in a relationship for quite some time now, you’ve been there, we’re sure of that. And almost all of us just learned how to deal with this everyday routine – wake up weary yet smiling because you slept with the person you love the most.

Let’s say; it’s not because your partner snores at night, it maybe the bed because you think it’s not the right size for the both of you, perhaps because the room is not at the right temperature, or it may be both.

But here’s the ultimate question: Do you and your partner have to be in one bed just because that’s what other people think would be beneficial for your relationship, your overall well-being, and even your mental health?

Did you know that one out of four couples doesn’t sleep in the same bed? You may say that this is an exaggeration and it may be higher than it is in real life since it’s not common for people who are in a relationship to sleep in different beds.

But in this article, we will give you reasons why being alone in bed can be beneficial for you to have a good night’s sleep and can also be good for your relationship. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. Good sleep means good attitude


According to Neil Stanley, couples who sleep in the same bed are more likely to be prone to disrupted sleep. A disrupted sleep may lead to a negative attitude towards your annoying snoring partner. Getting enough sleep may enhance your approach, your temper, and may promote your self-esteem, says the Better Sleep Council.

Therefore, sleeping apart can be beneficial for you to have a good mood resulting to better communication with your partner for fewer conflicts and arguments.

  1. Your relationship is better when you do it


Many people are afraid of the idea that not sleeping in one bed will put an unspoken stress in the relationship due to the stereotype of fighting and unhappy couples separating beds. Remember that you are not fighting or you’re not miserable that’s why you sleep in different beds.

You are sleeping in separate beds to avoid conflicts during sleep time. You know it would be absurd for your partner to stick with your schedule as he has his own too. If you have issues with each other, don’t use this as an excuse not to sleep next to each other. Open it to your partner as communication will always be the answer

  1. Sleeping in different beds does not mean less quality time

It is not to say that when you sleep with a different bed, you and your partner is already losing your quality time together. After all, intimacy is beyond just hugging each other while you sleep. Communicating, touching each other and even doing “your” thing are important to keep your relationship healthy.

It also doesn’t mean that when you don’t sleep together and when the clock ticks at 9 pm, you’ll already go to your cave and will never be out again not until tomorrow. You can still even cuddle, eat breakfast together in bed and read books by each other’s side. Sleeping apart doesn’t mean that you are also separating lives.


You would feel it when you already need to go to separate rooms. You know what’s best for you. If you’re having problems in getting an adequate amount of sleep at night, talk to your partner. Consider the thought of having separate beds. Assure him that what you want to happen is something that wouldn’t harm your relationship

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