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Camp Chateaugay Overview

Choosing the right sleepaway or summer camp is very important in setting the tone for your child’s summer. That is why Camp Chateaugay made such an impression on our child.


Last summer had all the makings for a potential three-month-long nightmare. Andrea had no desire to go away for the summer. Her biggest wish was to hang out with friends, browse the shops at the mall and maybe veg out as she watched TV. We pushed back our summer family travel until very nearly the end of summer, so we had to find something to get a preteen out of the house and into the great outdoors for those summer weeks before our family travel plans.

That’s where Camp Chateaugay came into the picture.

Andrea was resistant at first, but she actually fell in love with the camp. She forgot all about the end-of-summer family travel plans. Instead, Andrea found herself fully immersed in the summer camp fun and adventure. She formed new friendships and relationships with her fellow campers and the older brothers and sisters who served as her mentors.

Andrea experienced all the camp had to offer. She made new friends. She got her first experiences outdoors, away from family, right in the scenic Adirondacks. Her letters home held countless tales of exciting new discoveries and daily surprises.

To us, as parents, we saw why the camp’s website says the camp is hard to spell but easy to love. Andrea truly fell for everything Camp Chateaugay had to offer.

What made the summer camp exceptional in our eyes were some special elements, such as:

  • Caring, highly qualified staff members
  • An exceptional and scenic location
  • A true sense of community with security and support for both parents and children
  • A diversity of activities and adventures to stimulate and develop sportsmanship, character and personal skills
  • Games and camp songs

Andrea was completely engaged in the camp experience. It was everything she and the rest of us hoped for in a summer camp. We wanted to let Andrea get in touch with nature. That she did, and more.

Parents need to take special care to discover all they can about potential summer camps. One surefire way to do this is by reviewing websites for updated information and postings. Parents can also check out summer camp reviews by other parents, judging their choices from the experiences of others. Parents can call and interview summer camp directors and schedule site visits to different camps as part of their summer family travel plans. Gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision when choosing a summer camp for a child.

I discovered that Camp Cateaugay was the perfect camp for my daughter. Andrea’s desire to come back again, regardless of our family travel plans for next summer, tells me that I made the right decision.

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