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Bioresonance Therapy For Pets – 101

veterinarian with a kittenAs a pet owner, you love your pets the most and will always be prepared to go the extra mile to see that they get the best care you can afford.

With growing concerns over the far-reaching harm inflicted by the conventional allopathic medicines on the pets, alternative systems of medicines are increasingly becoming popular nowadays.

The prospects of treating your pets with bioresonance, a comprehensive healing system, are highly promising. Here is what you need to know about bioresonance and how it relates to your pets.

The science behind bioresonance.


Advances in Quantum Physics have revealed us the dual nature of matter namely particle and wave. All the cells therefore emit electromagnetic waves of different frequencies corresponding to their nature, which is known as their typical frequency pattern.

For the regular functioning of the body, it is necessary that every cell of the body communicates with the other cells and this happens through photon radiation.

While this process happens uninterrupted in healthy bodies, several stress inducing factors like toxic substances, bacteria and viruses can impact this communication resulting in different kinds of health issues including different kinds of illnesses, fatigue, poor performance, several organic changes and the symptoms connected to them.

Bioresonance therapeutic system works by diagnosing what has gone wrong with the electromagnetic field of the body and implements the therapeutic processes as appropriate to remedy the issues noted.

Bioresonance diagnosis

The extracellular fluid in the body has two prime functions namely providing a culture medium for the cells and accepting the harmful substances eliminated by vital organs like liver, gall bladder, intestine, kidneys and others.

While laboratory procedures cannot access the content of this extracellular fluid, the advanced devices evolved by Bioresonance conduct a biophysical test of this fluid quickly and without any pain.

The results reveal the kind of stress factors that cause the health issues noted in the patient including viruses, bacteria, allergens, chemicals, toxins, etc.

The Outcome of Bioresonance therapy

The ultimate objective of the procedures employed by this therapeutic system is to support and enhance the body’s natural regulatory system in a way working towards the cure.

Some of the essential steps involved in treating the patient through Bioresonance system include restoring the healthy communication between the body cells and exhausting all the harmful substances and stressors from the body.

The remedy achieved by Bio Resonance therapy is dependable, irreversible, progressive and permanent. A great thing about this system is that it does not have any side effects whatsoever.

Applying Bio Resonance therapy to pets

Bioresonance does not force any procedures contrived artificially against the natural regulatory system that exists in the body.

Therefore, while administering this therapy to your pets, you are depending on the safest and the most effective systems.

Advantages of bioresonance therapy

  • Does not employ allergenic, toxic or hazardous substances during the therapy
  • Highly eco-friendly and never impacts the environment in a negative way
  • No side effects
  • The diagnostic procedures are quick, simple, reliable and inexpensive
  • Works harmoniously with the natural regulatory mechanism of the body

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