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6 Best Tools You Can Get on Christmas – The Perfect List for the DIYers

rainy christmasAs we near Christmas 2016, you must be wondering about the different sorts of gifts you can give to your dad who is an avid DIYer. Did you recently open your Dad’s tool box and think that it is pretty backdated and needs a little bit of upgradation? Since then you must be thinking of what is the best lightweight multi-tool you can buy. Well, in case you wish to give your dad some of the best tools which he can use while performing different DIY tasks, you can take into account the list given below. They will give you some lucrative ideas of the hidden gems that you may gift your dad this Christmas.

  1. Oscillating Multi-tool: If you think your dad doesn’t already possess one of these, Christmas is the best time to get him one. The industry is replete with brand new accessories and devices which are blessed with cross-platform compatibility. Apart from various models which were tested in the previous year, Ridgid, Rockwell, Dremel and Milwaukee are some of the cordless ones that are going to release this year. You can certainly help your dad remove old grout with this tool.
  2. Jaw stand from Rockwell: The JawStand is a helping stand which offers enough help to your dad when there’s no one around him to help him in performing tasks. He can use it as a low-friction extension and use it as a work-piece support and even use it to handle different sorts of installation tasks. Don’t make the mistake of asking him whether he needs any. Just go and get one for him.
  3. Woodpeckers 24-inch ruler: Woodpeckers rulers made out of wood are extremely accurate and they offer a correct scoring guide with its straight edge. Each of the ruler has a standard scale and also a center scale which can be greatly used for furniture and cabinetry projects. When your dad has one of these in hand, he won’t have any stamped-steel rules in his hand ever again.
  4. Rockler Bench Cookies: Your dad can securely lift work pieces and get a grip over them for carving, sanding, drilling, routing, sawing and also for safeguarding tabletops. In fact the Bench cookies are extremely versatile in the way they can be used. If your DIYer dad is always into working and creating something, this is a definite gift for him.
  5. Ergonomic screwdrivers: The Ergonomic screwdrivers are very smooth on the hands even when they are tough on the screws. The handles are protected with a cushion to ensure a uniform and unique grasp by the holder. So, even when your dad has arthritis in his hands, using this can be comfortable enough.
  6. Might D Worklight: The Might D is a rechargeable worklight which consists of 80 LEDs and a number of user-friendly features. On top of that, the Might D light also operates in a smart and cool manner which can’t be said of your dad’s old drop light.

Therefore, if you think your dad needs some new multi-tools to spruce up the strength of his tool box, you can definitely gift him any of the above mentioned tools this Christmas. Just make sure you buy them from authentic companies.

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