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3 Ways to Train your Dog to Attack a Stranger

People all over the world add dogs to their families but they do so for different reasons. Some of the top reasons are:

  • For companionship.
  • For the love of animals per series!
  • Dogs can help physically challenged people in many ways.
  • They want their kids to grow up with dogs.
  • Security

Some species like German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and Pit Bulls are typically associated with aggressiveness and therefore thought to be great guard dogs too.

Well, we know that this is not a generalized statement but the fact of the matter is that almost any dog can be taught to be either gentle or aggressive. And if you live in a place where personal security takes on many complicated dimensions, you could train your dog to attack a stranger too. Here are the 3 ways in which you can do so.

A note of caution here – there is a huge difference between a guard dog and an attack dog. You need to be very careful in training your dog to attack only on command. Good training is essential because otherwise your dog can end up causing grievous injury to someone who is known to you.

Obedience commands

dog training

It is critical to put your dog through obedience training. You can achieve this by yourself without the help of a professional trainer but be ready to invest a lot of time and understanding in the process. Popular commands like “sit”, “stay”, “hush” and “heel” can be taught with a system of reward and command rolled into one. You can certainly come up with unique words so your dog obeys only you. So instead of using the word “sit” you can say “rest” instead. This will lead your dog to learn the command to attack. At this point, discretion and caution are advised. You want your dog to learn a specific command to use under specific circumstances, and that’s something where professionals can help. Find on www.puppytrainedright.comthe best methods to get your dog trained the right way to assist you when you might require it.

The attack command in particular

This is slow and steady project. One of the easiest things you can do is to don protective gear around your arm or leg and then gently tap the dog on his nose with your arm. This will irritate the dog at some point and when he fastens his jaws around your arm – even if it is a naturally gentle movement – use the word “attack” or any suitable command that you have come up with. Reward your dog with praise and a treat.

Repeat this step often and your pooch will associate the word “attack” with the action of latching on to your arm or leg. Now work at transferring this to a dummy that you have made so your dog recognizes that the command should be followed by his action of charging at another human being.


This is essential because your dog should know the difference between a stranger up to no good and someone who is just going about his or her own business. This socialization is best done when the dog is a little pup. This training will also lead the dog to be relaxed about his attack roles rather than be tense and on alert at all times which may lead him to make a mistake.

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