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3 Ways to Save Money When Moving

movingMoving is a big and very stressful decision. As exciting as it may be to move into a new house or an apartment, leaving the old one is not so easy. Moving requires a lot of hassle-some packing and organizing tasks that can cost a lot of money if you are not careful. Read ahead for several useful tips that will keep the monumental task of moving affordable and cost effective.

1. Find Free Moving Boxes

Those brown cardboard moving boxes can cost as much as five bucks when purchased at a supermarket. As you may already know, moving requires a lot of these brown cardboard boxes, so the total cost can go up to hundreds of dollars. You can save yourself a lot of money by finding these boxes for free. Many shops, like hardware stores, have plenty of unused moving boxes that only take up space. You can call one or two local stores to find out if you can borrow some of their moving boxes for free. Chances are that the store owners will only be too happy to get rid of junk and free up space for useful merchandise. Additionally, you can ask friends or family members who have moved before if they can lend you some of the moving boxes they used.

2. Hire a Local Mover

Big moving companies that advertise on television stations and newspapers charge an arm and a leg for services rendered. You can purchase the same services for a lot less from a smaller, local moving company. There are a number of advantages to going local. Firstly, you will probably know the owner and the people doing the moving. So, the chances of theft are less likely. Even if it does happen, the culprit can be easily found. Small local companies are also easier to reach for customer support. Just call the owner's private number. You can work with local movers more comfortably and informally, therefore easily communicating your needs to the company. Some local companies, like Regina movers, even offer extra perks to loyal customers like storage when necessary.

3. Mail in Bulk

If for some reason you need to mail, or ship, an item for your new address, don't do it one by one. Mailing everything at once will save you a lot of money compared to mailing in smaller numbers. You can pay stamp fees and taxes in one go. Also, larger packages are less likely to get lost than smaller ones. You can opt to insure a large package at once, without having to pay insurance one by one for tiny packages, which can add up to a fortune. So, instead of mailing items as you find them, organize in advance and mail several items in one go and save yourself of lot of money.

Above all, it's important to maintain your sanity during the complicated and often frustrating process of moving. You are less likely to make expensive last minute purchases if you are organized well in advance. Plan ahead, and think carefully before you spend money on moving equipment or services.

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  1. I agree with most of this post but sometimes hiring the cheap local mover will not be the best option. With moving across the country, I have found that price should be an important feature that you consider when hiring a company, but not the most important. Reading reviews and horror stories can make a cheap moving company not worth it in the long run.

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