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10 ways to celebrate corporate parties in a different way

Corporate PartyCorporate parties are one of the many interesting parties thrown here and there. Although it may sound a bit more formal than other occasional parties, there are more than several methods to make it interesting and entertaining. You come across your colleagues and boss and higher authorities and a number of people in such a gathering. This can easily become a nice platform for further interaction and knowing people you haven't known so far. If you are one of the organizing members, here are a few tips that might help you to make things less grumpy or boring and more fun-filled.

1. Poke!

You can hire a magician or some comedians for this occasion. While the magician can incorporate some interesting magic or cut your receptionist into half, the comedian can poke some fun at your CEO or other popular faces. It should be put in a well meaning manner, a kind of impersonation more than anything else.

2. Music and sketches

Get hold of a popular musician from your town, someone who can make instant songs about any person around. It's better if you give him an idea of your team mates and colleagues beforehand so that he can be quite aware of their characters. Also you can bring a digital caricaturist who will compose his photos digitally on the computer screen right in front of you. This can includes various sketches, starting from the faces of your company to the company logo or special events, etc.

3. Fortune teller

No matter how wise we are, we are still interested in knowing our future. Book a fortune teller who can call up random people on stage to predict their future. The future of the company ought to be mentioned as well!

4. Celeb-talk

Invite a celebrity or someone who has struggled in his/her life to reach the zenith of life. Such persons can be of great inspiration to youngsters and new comers of your company. The host should be able to engage the celebrity in interesting chat. It's wise to hire a reality TV star to conduct the session. Include the audience too.

5. DJ

Who would not like to rock the floor when there are perfect steel drum bands on stage or a DJ playing the coolest songs of the year? Break dancers can add lots of fun to the show since they are young and hip. Ballroom dancers can attract a large amount of crowd. Take song requests from audience and play them until people break their heels!

6. Singing waiters

Singing waiters are usually a cappella group dressed as formal waiters. They interact with the guests while serving, sing songs to and for them, and thus infuse a lot of entertaining stance into the dining experience. Don't forget to make the food tasty and yummy!

7. Talent show

You could organize a talent show and engage all your team mates, employers in this, including the CEO of your company. It can be of any kind, something that will have several rounds and each round will lead to some elimination. While the winner will get a bigger prize, make sure the participants leave with a little gift as well. You can record this event for future viewing and can even mail a copy to each of the participants.

8. A tale, a tale!

Let there be a 60-second novelist who can come up with his own manual typewriter. He/she can ask random questions to random people and merge them all into a funny, entertaining short story in a minute! You can also bind it later and share a copy with each.

9. Say about me!

Choose random people from the audience and ask them to come on stage. Let them pick up a chit which will contain the names of your company's employers. Ask the performer to enact or say a few words about the person whose name is unfolded from the chit. This will make things interesting!

10. Click!

You can hire corporate photo booth to click several types of pictures for your company. Frame them and gift each other. Nice memory making!

For once, the serious works can be abandoned at the doorsteps of your office. Let the clients and partners wear a broad smile and boost up the confidence of the hosts and organizers. Add as much fun as you can to cheer up people. Good luck for a gala, classy event!

Contributed by: www.just-pose.com

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