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Can Lip Oil Cure Chapped Lips?

Chapped lips are the main problem, especially during winter. Many people have no idea at all of the best ways to treat or control chapped lips. It leads to a lot of trouble with the lips that may at times result in bleeding and swelling of the lips. Unfortunately, some […]


4 Ways to Freshen up Dull Complexion

Everyone wishes for or dreams of a complexion that is attractive and healthy looking. However, sometimes, we are not even aware how dull our complexion is. How can I deal with a dull complexion? You will hear the question among many ladies who are clueless about causes of dull complexions […]


How to Fake Fuller Lips in Easy 6 Steps?

Full sexy lips are in style for every season. From the red carpet, to the runway, to everyday life full lips are envied by all women. They give the mouth an alluring and sensual look. Some notable celebrities that have perfect pouts are pop star Beyonce, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and […]