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Little-Known Things that Help Men Last Longer in Bed

shutterstock_9329962It is quite embarrassing for a man when premature ejaculation or the man comes before the woman orgasms. This is a problem a lot of men face day in day out and it ought to be well looked into. Learning how to satisfy her until her orgasms can help one to get to the bottom of their sexual problems as well as be able to get an ego boost from the increased stamina in bed. There are numerous ways to boost stamina, but the best methods lie in the natural ways to increase stamina in bed as this help a person to increase their stamina without risking their body health as happens with most of the sexual enhancing drugs which have various side effects. Below are simple yet effective ways to get her to orgasm and last longer in bed.

‘One of the best ways to come to orgasm is through the use of naturally occurring food. What's better than pumpkin? This is one of the best sexual enhancing foods that one can use to boost stamina and get to enjoy an amazing time in the sack. Pumpkin has been shown by research to boost men's libido. When you eat pumpkin, make sure that you eat the seeds as well. These seeds have been shown to increase blood flow to the genitals by a whopping 40%, even from men who have a sexual health problem and thus an increased sex drive. There are numerous pumpkin recipes that one can make use of to enjoy an amazing time or just to eat them as they are. Try pumpkin soup, cake, pie or even pumpkin stew to get these amazing benefits.

Another of the natural ways to increase stamina in bed is to have her massage the testicles as you enjoy sex. As you would assume, the testicles are one very sensitive area of a man's body and thus the massage must be done with care to avoid causing pain. What massaging the testicles does is that it prevents the transportation of semen into the urethra. As a man comes to the point of ejaculation, the testicles naturally rise and this allows for the transfer of semen into the urethra and thus the point of no return. Massaging the testicles prevents this from happening and thus helps him last longer. This allows the man to choose at what point they desire to orgasm.

If you have sex using only one position, this could also be one of the reasons why he comes so fast. Choose to switch sexual positions every so often as switching positions also allow him to desensitize the genitals as opposed to continuous sensitization using one method alone. Variety also adds spice to the sex life and makes it fun as opposed to duty which one performs. The woman may also look at the physical cues that the man projects so as to decide when to change positions. When a man is almost coming to orgasm, they tend to breathe much faster. When this happens and the woman has not yet orgasm, they may choose to switch positions to allow for the man to calm down.

A pleasure ring for him is also another or the natural ways to increase stamina in bed. This is a must have sex tow which stretches to any man's manhood size. It's placed at the base of the penis and helps a man stay harder for longer as the blood that had flowed in the penis is trapped and cannot go back. This allows him to give you the pleasure you desire without worry of the manhood becoming limp before you orgasm.

Kegels are also one of the best natural ways to increase stamina in bed. These are exercises that are aimed at exercising the pubococcygeus muscles in the pelvis. The muscle referred to as the PC muscle is the muscle you would flex if you are urinating and desire to stop the urine mid-stream. Regular exercise of this muscles builds the resilience of the manhood and allows him to last much longer than before. This exercise can be done in iterations of 10 - 20 depending on the level of practice and more as the muscle becomes stronger. As one works out the muscle in time, you will note that it gets stronger and better, thus allowing you to last longer in bed.

Always ensure that you keep to the natural ways to increase stamina in bed as these methods are safe and do not have any side effects associated with them. As for the mentioned tips above, note that regular use of them will help build up a great sex life and a satisfying one for that matter.



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