Eyelash extensions: know these tips before going to Salon


Most people especially women wish to have long thick eyelashes. This is because it is among the contributors to the real beauty of the eye. Eyes, skin, weight and dental health are the major things used to judge the beauty of an individual. Most women opt for the artificial eye extension, but the fact still remains that being natural is more beautiful. Therefore, before making a decision of going to the salon for artificial treat, consider the following tips;

1. Keep the eyelashes clean
Proper hygiene is the key to any kind of beauty. Most of us got to parties and came back very late when they are exhausted. This is one of the things that could lead you to sleeping with makeup. An overnight eye makeup causes clumping together of the eyelashes leading to plugging out when curling. This leads to the excessive loss of eyelashes. Growing of new eye lashes especially when plugged out naturally takes long. The overnight makeup could also cause bacterial infection on the hair follicles hence, inhibiting further growth. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your eyelashes are kept clean is through removing eye makeup before going to bed.

2. Proper diet
What you eat is a major determinant of you physical appearance. It determines your weight, skin health and most importantly the health of you eyelashes. Healthy eyelashes are known to be thick and long. A diet rich in vitamins and proteins is essential for the growth of the eyelashes. Take plenty fruits and vegetables for healthy and fast growing eyelashes. The other foods that you can take to are beans, whole grains, yogurt, beef and eggs. While designing your diet plan, ensure you put into considerations the above-mentioned food substances. Never lose your beauty by failing to consider a very simple factor such as proper diet.

3. Brush the eyelashes regularly
Brushing eyelashes is a great way of ensuring that your eyelashes never clump together. This will prevent plugging out of the eyelashes during curling. It is a better way of ensuring your eyelashes are free for growth than trimming. Buy a special brush meant for only combing your eyelashes to ease your work. Brush your eyelashes daily before curling or applying eye makeup. Brushing separates the eyelashes giving them a free space for growth.

4. Consider the organic oils
Organic oils are among the most prominent substances in the beauty industry for their effectiveness in contributing to various aspects of beauty and skin care. Castor and olive oil are the well known in enhancing the growth of eyelashes. Apply any of these two substances on the eyelashes immediately after removing makeup. This will moisturize the eyelashes and hence, encouraging growth. You can also consider massaging your eyelids with it. Apply these regularly and with time, you will witness the positive results.

5. Use petroleum jelly
Moisturizing the eyelashes is the best way of encouraging the growth of the eyelashes. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that is known for its effectiveness in enhancing growth. It is a very cheap product that is afforded by most people, but this doesn't make it lesser in effectiveness. The myth that expensive things are more effective doesn't apply here. Rub Vaseline petroleum jelly on your eyelids before you retire to bed. It is one way of escaping side effects of the eyelash extensions.

6. Egg treat
An egg is a major source of protein, which promotes growth. In addition, it is a great substance in enhancing the growth of eyelashes. Apply egg whites on your eyelashes before you sleep then rinse off in the morning and moisturize them. You can also combine with castor oil to ensure they are moisturized while egg whites perform its specific functions. Egg whites reduce the continuous loss of eyelashes encouraging thicker and longer eyelashes.

7. Take enough water
Water isn't a direct treatment for the eyelashes. It supports the other tips of growing eyelashes by getting rid of toxins in the body that inhibit growth. Water can be taken along with any other way of enhancing the growth of eyelashes. Taking recommended 7 to 8 glasses of water is definitely the best way to enhance the effectiveness of any treatment.

As mentioned earlier long thick eyelashes are the determinants of the natural beauty of the eyes. The eyelashes can be made long by either using the above natural tips or using the artificial extensions. However, the artificial elongating of the eyelashes has some negative effects. They can cause irritation and trapping of dirt which can result bacterial infection. This inhibits further growth of the eyelashes. Using Quality eyelash extensions is the only safe way of using artificial eyelashes.


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