All You Need To Know About an Occlusive in a Moisturizer

shutterstock_71069629What is an occlusive? What purpose does it serve in a moisturizer? There are probably many questions running in your mind. Today in the market there are hundreds of moisturizers promising you different or the same purposes. Moisturizing is part of a good beauty regime. Our choices of moisturizers vary according to the skin needs, weather and other general likes. Picking your best moisturizer requires some knowledge about its services, ingredients and whether it suits your skin. With that in mind your choice of moisturizer will give you all you need. Learn more about an occlusive in a moisturizer:

Occlusive ingredients and their functions:
Are you experiencing any kind of skin dehydration? That will probably compromise the health of your skin. An occlusive is coupled with various ingredients that work to curb the skin dehydration. Applying it on the skin forms a protective film which shields the skin from harsh environmental constrains, it also locks in moisture keeping the skin supple and moist all day. It also rejuvenates dryness in the skin to bring back a healthy luster and skin fullness for a radiant complexion. An occlusive will have ingredients such as the lanolin, silicones, and petrolatum and not to forget the mineral all. All of these ingredients serve to keep your skin pampered and protected the way you want.

How to use your occlusive:
Asking for advice on the best moisturizer nourishing oils from your dermatologist is a great idea. Most dermatologists will recommend you a moisturizer with an occlusive as a good moisturizer to suit well with your needs. Short and warm showers are usually recommended to avoid stripping essential oils from your skin. After a shower, slightly tap the towel on the skin to remove excess water. With a skin which is still wet apply your occlusive for the best results. This should be immediately after you come out of the shower. Staying long without moisturizing after shower will cause the water on your skin to evaporate taking away the skin moisture, this will make you doubt whether your good moisturizer is working.

What is the position of an occlusive in your skin?
With its various ingredients you do not have to get many moisturizers for every purpose. An occlusive will form a water film on your skin keeping it moist. This prevents any loss of moisture from the skin to the air. With a dry skin an occlusive can do you magic. Your choice of an occlusive for moisturizing the lips should contain beeswax. This will deal well with dry and chapped lips. All you have to do is exfoliate with your brush or a clean wash towel and apply the occlusive every day for best result. The occlusive will keep your lips soft and supple all through. Cocoa butter or Shea are occlusive which you can find in a range of moisturizers. They help keep your skin moist by locking in moisture. You should also consider good moisturizer with a sunscreen to keep your skin protected from the harmful sun rays which bring in cancer, wrinkles and sunburns.

Occlusive products:
When going shopping for an occlusive understanding, their ingredients and functions will make it easier. Ingredients in a moisturizer will help you pick an occlusive. Among the many ingredients are the lecithin and squalene. Among others are silicon, beeswax, lanolin, cocoa butter, allantoin, paraffin, propylene glycol and mineral oil. When looking for an occlusive simple look check for its ingredients.

Downside of an occlusive
If something does not have any downsides, you should highly doubt it. Do you have an oily skin? Or do you hate getting all greasy? Then an occlusive won’t be your best pick. Getting the skin greasy is one of the downsides of using an occlusive but it only applies to people with oily skins and those who hate getting greasy. Another downside is skin irritation and breakouts forming in the skin. Some people can get allergic with the ingredients getting skin irritations and inflammations. Is your skin prone to pimple, acne and black head formation? Then occlusive can aggravate the breakouts on your skin. See your dermatologist about your condition. Some occlusive ingredients like the paraffin block the skin pores from breathing.

Most people are not conversant with types of moisturizers, their functions and benefits. With the knowledge of an occlusive make it your best. Make your winter and summer more comfortable with an occlusive. The efforts of your moisturizer need some backup. Resort for a healthy lifestyle for a good skin. Get enough sleep, take plenty of water and include a healthy diet. Your routine for applying the moisturizer should be regular for maximum protection. Wear it every day after cleansing for best results.


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