Can Lip Oil Cure Chapped Lips?

shutterstock_42331198Chapped lips are the main problem, especially during winter. Many people have no idea at all of the best ways to treat or control chapped lips. It leads to a lot of trouble with the lips that may at times result in bleeding and swelling of the lips. Unfortunately, some of the many things that you think are the best for the treatment of chapped lips are the worst nightmares. They aggravate the situation and leave you with more chapped and paining lips. Chapped lips are a problem that can be controlled, but with some care. You have to understand the cause of chapped lips so as to be able to treat them. However, natural oils are the best remedies for chapped lips and can be used.

Causes of Chapped lips
The main causes of chapped lips are not that strange to us, but we often choose to ignore them. One of the primary reasons is chewing on the lips. Mainly, for women that wear lipstick, it leaves the lips dry and at a greater risk of getting chapped. It is also dangerous to their health. Lipsticks contain a lot of chemicals. Eating on the lips that have lipstick leads to eating more than fifty percent of the lipstick which is dangerous to your health. The other primary cause is dehydration. During winter, the air is very humid. Use a lip balm that will help your lips stay moisturized all the time. Avoid products with alcohol as it may cause irritation on the skin. Remember to wash off your lipstick before going to sleep. Another common mistake that many people make is biting and licking lips. Also, avoid touching your lips with your fingers as it may lead to bacterial infection.

Oils and lip balms that are best for treating chapped lips
As noted above, winter is a difficult month for many people with a problem of chapped lips. You should, therefore, choose wisely on the lip balms that you wear during this time. Go for lip balms that have a moisturizing effect and that last long. If you are leaving the house and working outdoors, remember to carry your lip balm in your bag for lip care. You will need it at some time. Consider using the following lip balms and natural oils.

  • Shea butter: It is a common ingredient in most lip balms. It is preferred because it has a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Additionally, it is a natural sun block and works on your lips leaving them smooth.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has antibacterial agents that help fight bacterial infection. The anti-inflammatory effect of it prevents your lips from swelling when you bite or when they are chapped. It also has both moisturizing and soothing effects on the skin.
  • Glycerin: It is imperative to retain all the moisture you can so as to avoid chapped lips. Glycerin will help attain this with a lot of ease.
  • Jojoba oil: The lips need to be nourished throughout so as to fight the causes of chapped lips. Jojoba oil nourishes the lips and leaves them looking soft and at no greater risk of getting chapped.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is the most beneficial natural oil to the skin. It has a whole lot of advantages. It has been employed as a favorite ingredient in most lip balms with the primary focus on preventing and treating chapped lips. It helps to relieve dry skin and reduces itching. Coconut oil also moisturizes the lips and makes them soft. It stops the time taken to licking the lips that would lead to drying and chapped lips.
  • Beeswax: It is more of a skin moisturizer, and it helps to keep the skin nourished. It has anti-inflammatory effects that guard the lips. It is also used in lip balms for its anti-bacterial effect that protects the lips and skin.

Habits that you must kick off to prevent chapped lips
Although these oils will work towards ensuring that your lips are healthy and not at risk of getting chapped, you need to avoid some of the common habits that may lead to chapped lips.

Quit smoking
Smoking has adverse effects not only on our health, but also to the skin and lips. First, smoking will change the texture and color of your lips. It will leave your lips susceptible to factors that lead to chapped lips. It will also lead to dehydration. Sometimes, the damage may be too much that you cannot recover.

Avoid licking your lips
Licking lips is a habit that affects many people. They think that they are helping keep the lips moisturized, but in actual sense, they are drying up the lips. Once you have dried lips, avoid taking water. It will increase risk of getting chapped lips.

You have the information now. Act now to keep your lips moisturized and safe. Natural oils are an excellent remedy, and they will help you maintain your lips.


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