How to Fake Fuller Lips in Easy 6 Steps?

shutterstock_49532605Full sexy lips are in style for every season. From the red carpet, to the runway, to everyday life full lips are envied by all women. They give the mouth an alluring and sensual look. Some notable celebrities that have perfect pouts are pop star Beyonce, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and actress Angelina Jolie. Their gorgeous lips are lusted after by women across the world and it is because they naturally sexy lips. Now some women like the ones that we just listed were blessed with genes that endowed them with fabulous lips. However, there are ways to fake having fuller lips and there are many celebrities that use makeup tricks in order to fool the world into thinking that they naturally amazing lips. Some celebrities like Kylie Jenner are candid about using makeup as a way to make their lips appear fuller than they are in real life. But how you fake fuller lips? Keep reading to find out how to have sexy lips!

1. Use lip liner
Using a lip liner is one of the best ways to fake fuller lips. All you need to do is purchase a lip liner that is in the shade that you want it. If you are going for a natural look, then purchase one that matches the shade of your lips or is just a few shades off. If you are matching the liner to a lipstick, then try and get the liner as close in shade to the lipstick that you want to use on top of it as possible.

Start by applying the lip liner to the edge of your lips and outline their natural shape. Once you have done that trace the outside of your lips putting the lip liner just on the outside of the natural line of your lips and expanding their size. Don't go crazy on the first go around. Start by tracing and adding volume to your lips little by little until you get your desired look. This method will give you more control and keep the lips looking natural. Even though you are drawing on your lips you don't want to look like you're drawing on your lips.

2. Use a lipstick that is neutral or has a satin finish
If you want your lips to look larger, then you should stay away from dark or matte lipsticks. These will make your lips actually look smaller which is not what you want. Choosing a lighter shade, a lipstick that has a satin finish, or one that has flecks of shimmer or glitter will help the lips appear bigger. These types of shades will catch and reflect the light.

3. Place gloss in the center of your lips
Placing gloss in the center of your lips is another way to make your lips look fuller than they are. Putting the gloss in the center of the lips will draw the light to the center of the lip and create a full look. After you swipe a bit on the inside of the lip, slightly rub the lips together trying to blend the gloss a little bit while keeping it primarily in the center of the lips. If you are using the gloss on top of a lipstick or liner use a gloss that is clear or close in shade to the liner or lipstick that you have on for a fuller, more natural effect.

4. Use a white liner on the center of your lips
Using a white liner is another method that is similar to using a gloss in the center of the lips. After you put your liner on the center of your lips, blend it out a little bit with your finger or with a lip brush. You want the edge of the white liner to blend into the rest of you lips so that it doesn't just look like you've put white makeup on your lips.

5. Use highlighter above your top lip
Another place that you should be using your highlighter is above your top lip in your cupid's bow. If you don't have a cupid's bow then you can just place it directly above your top lip. The light will be drawn to the shimmery makeup that you place there.

6. Use a plumping gloss
A plumping gloss is also a great way to fake full lips. These glosses prompt the flow of blood in the lips plumping them up by the added ingredients that stimulate the lips such as cinnamon, peppermint oil, and menthol. Before buying one, you should read lip plumper reviews to discover the best product.

No need to envy the full, sexy lips on celebrities and models! These simple tips will leave you with full lips in a flash!

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