What is the Right Time to Start Using an Eye Cream?

shutterstock_119143408Have you ever wondered what the right time to start using eye creams is? Most of them have been tested to be fit for use because they are an effective and efficient moisturizer. They have no side effects or negative effects such as irritation of the eye when used near it. In most cases, they are used to make the skin surrounding the eye to appear lighter because the dark spotting and circles that can make one look old because of wrinkles. Most of them make the skin around the eye be firmer because it contains ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, caffeine or hydroquinone which help in anti-aging and reducing wrinkles.

When applying the eye cream, care must be taken to ensure its safety. This is because some may damage the eye if they get into the eye especially when it is sold or produced in the form of oil instead of the usual serum which is safer and easy to apply near the eye.

Effects on Sight
Though eye creams and its products have their own controversies, eye experts recommend that some people need one while others do not because of its negative sight effects. It is advisable that as early as 20 years, one can start by applying in small quantities (lightweight). In early 20's it is preferred that a bright eye cream should be used because the early signs of aging can be easily detected when a person is squinting or smiling. At this age, tear and wear near the eye skin start to be experienced. These products can serve as sunscreen that can be used on daily basis in order to check on premature aging. When a person is working in an open air or in a sunny environment, he or she should use such products to prevent direct sunlight that can damage the skin.

Expert's Opinion
Dr. Rebecca Baxt in her research says that apply eye products can start even before one hit teenage. If started early, it will make one remain young for a long time. Smoothing the eye skin is preferred to be applied in the morning before the day's chores start and more so to prevent direct sunlight. According to Dr. Rebecca Baxt, it slows down the process of aging hence; it is worth doing it. She is a dermatologist who recommends ladies in their teenage and late 20's with skin near their eye dry to apply these creams daily in order to soften and make their eye skin lighter and prevent any infection which is associated with dry skin. If applied as recommended, when someone is in his or her 30's they will be looking younger because their skin will be moist like that of a 1-year baby. The fine skin lines will be seen because the skin is moist and the wrinkles will not be seen.

Working Duration
Dr. Joshua Zeichner cautions people who are patient that applying an eye cream may not give instant results or success as expected. Some creams take weeks or months to give positive results while others work instantly and give a bright, moist and lighter skin under the eye skin. However, Dr. Joshua Zeichner cautions users of these products that it can cause severe itching or irritation or to some allergies and worsen the situation at the circles under the eye.

No Age Limit
Some dermatologists are of the opinion that there is no age limit for one to start using them. However, they are cautioning and advising people to do thorough medical screening and be advised accordingly on when to start and type of cream that suits them. The three main terms used by a dermatologist in eye care are prevention, protection, and correction in case of damages. Lack of conducive environmental conditions, continuous stress, harmful UV rays from exposure to sun, dust pollution are the main causes of eye defects that may force a person to use such creams.

Women who use eye cream to improve their facial beauty may be in for a rude shock because some of these products have chemicals which can damage the skin and eyes if the product was applied without any recommendation from a specialist. There is no specified time to start applying the eye cream because genetics and hereditary factors play a crucial role in whether one will develop wrinkles or fine soft skin under the eye. One should avoid smoking, direct sunlight and have enough sleep to have a natural look on the skin around the eyes.

Taking care of one's eye skin is vital in maintaining the skin near the eye and preventing wrinkles that make one's skin and face look very old yet one is under 20. Though not all creams are healthy and safe dermatologist prescription and recommendation is expected in order to reduce or minimize sight effects.
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