4 Ways to Freshen up Dull Complexion

shutterstock_156646859 (1)Everyone wishes for or dreams of a complexion that is attractive and healthy looking. However, sometimes, we are not even aware how dull our complexion is. How can I deal with a dull complexion? You will hear the question among many ladies who are clueless about causes of dull complexions and even how to brighten up the skin. Natural products are one way of treating a dull complexion or brightening up in other words. Lifestyle changes have an impact also on the complexion of the skin. Good healthy habits can lead to a healthier and more attractive skin compared to unhealthy and skin ruining behavior and habits. How can you brighten up and eliminate the dull complexion? Below are four ways.

1. Exfoliating
Treatment for dull skin is possible through regular exfoliating. The habit of exfoliating properly and regularly is effective in giving you a bright face and complexion. It is effective in the elimination of the dead skin and cells on the skin. It a.lso gets rid of the dry and flaky skin. The treatment of the skin is easier and more effective with the help of homemade products. Most of the times, we are unsure of the chemicals in products we use. Also, use of exfoliating products or cleansers with harmful chemicals is unhealthy and unsafe for the skin. In fact, one cause of the skin dullness is the use of wrong skin and beauty products. Also, while exfoliating it is vital to avoid too much scrubbing of the skin. Being gentle is essential and gives protection from the skin. Too many chemicals on the skin as a result of the wrong choice of scrubs can lead to irritation, itchiness, flakiness, and dryness. Also, sensitive skins can have more effects as a result. Exfoliating gives the face an instant radiance and glow. It does this through both the removal of dry skin and the elimination of blockage in the pores and thus prevention of acne and pimple breakouts. The acnes and pimples can destroy a bright complexion.

2. Recipe for Baking Soda Scrubs for brightening up
Use baking soda and water to prepare a scrub in the form of a paste. You then need to use the paste on the face as you use gentle motions to scrub the skin. Be generous and use sufficient amounts of the paste on the face especially. The exfoliating scrub is vital as it helps in giving your skin radiance and an instant glow. It also cleans the pores and thus prevents acne and pimples breakout.

3. Tomato Juice
Tomato juice according to research is effective as the treatment for dull skin. The juice has the power to eliminate dullness son the skin and thereby to give the skin radiance and an instant glow. It does this with the aid of the skin brightening effects of the juice. Tomato is capable of eliminating acne on the skin, blemishes and aging spots. Facial treatment, however, requires the use of freshly prepared juice each time. Hygiene is essential while preparing and using products for the skin. As you use the treatment, ensure to practice gentleness on the skin.

4. Brightening Face Masks
Papaya mask is effective in treatment for dull skin. The fruit contains an enzyme that is responsible for giving the skin a natural glow and radiance. You can use the max that is freshly prepared at home and mixed with honey. You can use the mask on the face for about 30nminutes before washing off. It can help in keeping the face radiant and glowing for up to even two weeks.

For oily skins, go for masks that contain high or rich contents of vitamin C. The masks will help in giving the skin radiance and a glow instantly. The mask is also effective in changing the skin texture for the better, For example, it eliminates skin flakiness and dryness and thus changing skin texture from rough to soft and smooth. When the skin is dry, it is likely to give you a dull complexion. Some bananas, honey, and mint, can be used to make a mask that will fight the skin dryness and thus eliminates dryness. Crushing the mint leaves is the first step followed by peeling the bananas and adding to the mint. Adding honey and finally blending to have the paste is vital. Having the mask on for about 30 minutes will help in brightening the skin and thus eliminating dullness.

A dull complexion may result from unsafe practices or even skin type. Fortunately, the ways of eliminating dryness and getting back radiance are here. Use the tips to give your face and skin brightness and keep off dull complexions. It is also advisable to include some lifestyle changes like taking a balanced diet and avoid habits such as too much drinking and smoking.


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