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8 Amazing Celebrity Homes in San Francisco Bay

When celebrities and those well-to-do hit the riches, planning and purchasing a dream home is both a status symbol and an investment. From coveted beachfront to pristine mountain tops, an exclusive location only sweetens the offering. This is what the following eight celebrities decided to do by buying homes in […]

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How Instagram Can Make You a Celebrity

Instagram is one of the most broadly used social media platforms in the world. Did you know that most celebrities used Instagram more than any other social media site? Facebook has been around for ages and the same is true for Twitter, but none of these has given celebrities the […]


Inspiring Celebrity Home Offices

Working from home >is now the reality for more Americans than ever before, so it pays to have a home office that allows you to be at your happy, creative and productive best. You can, however, “borrow” a few interior design tips from the stars to help you create an […]

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Top 5 Criminal Celebrity Murder Cases

Celebrity murderers always make the headlines. Some of the accused, or suspects, have survived the notoriety and rekindled their careers while others who have been convicted are still in jail serving their sentences. The most infamous ones are O.J. Simpson and Charles Manson. These murders occurred in the 20th century. […]

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Cutest Celebrity Photo Booth Snaps

Whilst many of us choose to copy our favorite celebs, emulating them can be expensive. However, there are some things they do for fun that we can do too! With that in mind, we take a look at the cutest celebrity photo booth snaps. Why not hire a photobooth for […]

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Top 7 Craziest Celebrity Lawsuits

We all know that celebrities can be known for their random outbursts and continuous aggravation, however, sometimes it can be taken to a new level and law courts become involved. Even though celebrities are constantly in the limelight, which often results in them being followed or hassled by the press, […]


The Future of Food: Lab-Grown Meat and Plant-Based Alternatives

The increasing demand for sustainable food alternatives and growing concerns surrounding the environmental impact of livestock production have sparked significant advancements in the realm of lab-grown meat and plant-based alternative solutions. As the global population continues to rise, food security has become an imminent challenge. In the following rows, we […]